‘The Voice Kids’: technicians participate in live with Thalita Rebouças and Gaby Amarantos praises presentations | 2021

“It’s our first live of the season!” It was thus, very excited, that Thalita Rebouças received the technicians and the presenter of The Voice Kids for a special live right after the end of the show’s Quarter Finals, which aired live this Sunday, 9/12.

During the chat with Marcio Garcia, Gaby Amarantos, Carlinhos Brown and Michel Teló, the presenter received several questions from fans on social networks. See the best moments!

Thalita Rebouças leads live with the cast after the Quarter Finals

Thalita Rebouças leads live with the cast after the Quarter Finals

The voice of the people is the voice of reason

Early on, Gaby Amarantos and Michel Telo commented on the importance of this phase, in which the public can finally vote for their favourites.

“It gives us a direction because we have a vision, but the public comes and shows another one! In addition to the people interacting, the cool thing is that the public becomes our coach too”, commented the singer.

“It serves as a thermometer for you to see the vote of the staff”, added Teló.

Participants of ‘The Voice Kids’ — Photo: Globo

‘Sofia is a tough game, see?’

Who also stayed on the radar was Sofia Farah, member of the Team of Charlie Brown! The girl received several compliments and drew attention for all her resourcefulness after winning the place to continue in the competition.

“Sofia is a tough game, ok?”, snapped Gaby Amarantos.

“I believe that Sofia has a lot to show, she is a complete artist, who interprets with her eyes, with her body”, praised Carlinhos.

Thalita Rebouças concluded: “She’s a great actress!”

Sofia Farah is the last participant saved by Brown for the semifinal of ‘The Voice Kids’ — Photo: Globo

The technicians were also touched by the participants’ presentations and were just praise for everyone.

“They sing, they fill our hearts. We are living in a moment that is still very delicate, we have to continue taking care of ourselves, and [isso tudo] it is a very big challenge. I feel very blessed to be sitting in that chair”, thanked Teló.

“I got goose bumps all over my head and everywhere,” Gaby said.

Carlinhos added: “It’s the camera crying… People at home can’t imagine how much everyone backstage gets emotional, and always doing their best to take care of and welcome the children, that’s the most important thing.”

“It’s a very special feeling to be dealing with dreams that are being born, beginning to sprout, it’s a very big responsibility,” added Teló.

Michel Teló praises the members of his Team, on ‘The Voice Kids’ — Photo: Globo

New in ‘The Voice Brasil’

Do you think it’s over?! Not! Michel Telo opened the verb and already gave a spoiler of what’s to come in the next season of The Voice Brazil

“This is unprecedented in the whole world! I will be the fifth coach of The Voice Brasil”, he said. Want to understand this story right?!

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Thalita Rebouças leads live with coaches and Marcio Garcia after Wednesdays

Thalita Rebouças leads live with coaches and Marcio Garcia after Wednesdays