Thousands of people on the streets of Barcelona for the independence of Catalonia

Thousands of people are taking part this Saturday in the demonstration for the independence of Catalonia, in Barcelona, ​​which marks the return of street demonstrations interrupted in 2020 by the pandemic, although with less turnout than in previous years.

The demonstration started shortly after 17.00 (local, 16.00 in Lisbon), under the motto “Let’s fight and conquer independence”, in Urquinaona square, to commemorate Catalonia Day, known as “Diada”.

As reported by EFE, the independence movements have chartered more than 200 buses to take protesters to Barcelona, ​​capital of Catalonia, where the Catalan regional president, the moderate separatist, Pere Aragonès, is also present.

Among the protesters, most wearing face masks, due to the covid-19 pandemic, you can see posters with slogans like “We want independence now” or “Government, fulfill your commitment: total independence”.

At around 6:30 pm (local, 5:30 pm in Lisbon) speeches by the presidents of the three pro-independence entities begin: Jordi Gaseni (Association of Municipalities for Independence), Jordi Cuixart (Òmnium Cultural) and Elisenda Paluzie (ANC).

Tensions between independence and the central government rose again this week with Madrid’s surprise announcement on Wednesday that it was suspending a controversial Barcelona airport expansion project due to “loss of confidence” in the separatist regional government .