Tiago Leifert denies rumors about the reason for Globo’s departure

This Saturday (11), presenter Tiago Leifert published a series of stories on Instagram, denying rumors about the reason for his departure from TV Globo. Leifert’s reaction came after IG columnist Alessandro Lo-Bianco claimed that he had left the network for refusing to continue presenting Big Brother Brasil and not signing a proposal for R$ 2.5 million a month. The station announced on Thursday (9) that the presenter will leave Globo after The Voice Brasil ends. And on Friday (10), Leifert participated in Mais Você and was interviewed by Ana Maria Braga to talk about her decision. He revealed that he had no fixed plans for his professional future and that he intended to dedicate himself fully to his family.

“Guys, the ‘real reason for Leifert’s departure’ is the one I told Ana Maria. Any other is an invention. It may not click and seem monotonous, but it’s my reason. It’s mine. I’m the source. The only one possible in this case. Because it’s my life,” wrote the presenter on Instagram. In another story, the presenter posted a print of the column by Alessandro Lo-Bianco, from IG, stating that the news was “completely false”.

This Sunday (12), the presenter returned with the subject, publishing the same print of Lo-Bianco’s column in his feed, with the fake news banner.
“Those who shouldn’t, don’t fear. Then you’ll stay here forever for your reference Alessandro Lo-Bianco. Before I thought you were simply a bad journalist, now I think you invent on purpose even because unfortunately in the current situation of the search for the click , crime pays too much!”

Leifert said it was on Lo-Bianco’s profile to deny what was attested in the article, but that his comment was deleted. The presenter, who is trained as a journalist, also stressed that the exposure in his feed is not an attack on the press and journalists, but on Lo-Bianco’s conduct.
“All this criticism here is not for the press, it’s full of excellent people (who you should learn from, by the way). This text is just for you. I have full right to defend myself, since you didn’t listen to my side.”

Famous people showed support for Leifert in the publication’s comments, including Boninho, who wrote “É toco!!! Kkkk”, and ex-BBB Ana Clara, one of the presenters that netizens have been speculating as a possible replacement for Leifert, wrote “Let there be bag”. The other side Journalist Alessandro Lo-Bianco also spoke on his Instagram profile this Sunday. “We’re back in the middle age when messengers of bad news were thrown into the fire by those who fear the press. Attacks on the press don’t sway me close to what we went through in ’64, they need to do more,” he wrote.
“About your contract renewal, you and I know that you accepted the renewal, received the documents signed by Globo, and took almost a month to return it later without the signature going back.”

Still on the subject, he also published a video on his profile and on Youtube. In it, the IG columnist makes reference to the conflict between him and the presenter that occurred in February, when the journalist released it during the program “A Tarde é Sua” , from Rede TV!, that the presenter would be dissatisfied with the BBB and asked to leave the program. At the time, Leifert published a video denying the news.

“All of Brazil realized his cold and calculating ability to disprove a journalist, as he did in February, thinking that he would silence a reporter with a small video intimidating him and trying to embarrass him, believing that the truth would not be exposed with time,” says Lo -Bianco. “Today this embarrassment happened precisely because he became a reflection of what Boninho is. Tiago became a spoiled person who counters with lies and attacks on journalists trying to embarrass them when something that cannot leak ends up leaking and being published”, says the journalist.

Also in response to what Leifert alleges in a post, the journalist agrees that he deleted the presenter’s comment from his profile, but that the barrier to dialogue had already occurred in February. “About the comment you wrote on my Instagram attacking me, which I took, remember that your Instagram has limited comments, Titi. When you recorded a video in February calling me fake news, I went to your post and couldn’t comment . And do you know what I did? I accepted your reproach. So take the beam out of your own eyes, James, before you put it on mine.”

The presenter also manifested himself this Sunday, posting a video statement in the stories. “Great journalists, who do great reports, great denunciations, don’t come out attacking the other side later, calling it spoiled and I don’t know what. They keep quiet, they trust their reporting, the investigation and the work they’ve done. They know you are. based on facts and documents. Only those who have nothing attack the other side,” he said.