Tiny cat is rescued after being found alone on a train

On August 31, an employee at the Birmingham New Street train station in England found an abandoned kitten and rescued it.

It’s hard to understand what makes someone abandon an animal, but luckily there are good people willing to help these helpless ones.

And this five-month-old kitten went through the rejection of being dropped on the train, but the relief of being found by someone.

“We have no idea how this kitten ended up on the train, but because of its size, we think it’s very unlikely that it got on alone,” said Jess McLoughlin-Carroll, station manager for Rail Advent.

However, one of the employees noticed his presence and did not hesitate to help him and along with other colleagues took care of him, until he was taken to a safe place the next day.

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Those involved took him to a veterinary clinic to assess his health and tests showed that everything was fine. Frightened by the trip, the little one was taken to the Cats Protection shelter, where he will stay until he finds his true home.

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