“Turma da poppoca” and Luxa, team-twisted tune with breaking protocols: the 1st game of Cruzeiro in Sete Lagoas | cruise

The heat that exceeded 30 degrees at Arena do Jacaré, this Saturday, did not take away the enthusiasm of the Cruzeiro fans to see the team in loco. It was the return of Cruzeiro to the Arena do Jacaré, in Sete Lagoas, also home to the next game as home team and which could also be played in later games. The 1-0 victory over Ponte Preta offered scenes of harmony between Luxa, players and fans, but also presented breaks in protocol.

With capacity for 18 thousand people, Arena do Jacaré is a more cramped stadium than Mineirão. With the protocols adopted by the Municipality of Sete Lagoas, it can receive up to 5.4 thousand people. There were just over 4.4 thousand people. They made a lot of noise.

Cruzeiro fans at the Arena do Jacaré fence — Photo: Gabriel Duarte

With the reserve banks very close to one of the wings of the stands, the “popcorn gang” acted insistently in the first half. One group stayed for the first 45 minutes on the fence that went against the Cruzeiro bench.

Fans pointed out their observations at all times. Occasionally, Luxemburg paid attention to the notes. In some, he even dialogued with the fans, explaining or agreeing with the questions. Undoubtedly, at Arena, the heat of the fans is closer.

In the second half, this tuning ended up being limited. It’s because the security was increased in the place and a new insulation cord was made. Some still remained close, trying to pass “instructions” to Luxa and also “bump” the referee team.

Cruzeiro fans “played” with the team all the time. Even on the way out for halftime, after the growth of Ponte Preta, the majority applauded the team and shouted words of encouragement. Fábio was widely hailed as “Brazil’s best goalkeeper”, as well as Marcelo Moreno and Wellington Neither received much affection from the fans at the end of the game.

Crowd and unmasked people

Compared to what happened at Mineirão, there were fewer problems with fans entering the stadium and less crowding around. But still, we had scenes that go against the guidelines of science, such as avoiding crowding and wearing a mask, even when they weren’t eating or drinking.

Cruzeiro fans around the Arena do Jacaré — Photo: Guto Rabelo

The use of a mask was mandatory inside the stadium. But the ge it also caught people without masks or inadequately using protective equipment during marking (chin, ear…), as you can see in the photo below, which also shows that there was a crowding in the place near the press booths and cabins.

Cruzeiro fans at Arena do Jacaré — Photo: Gabriel Duarte

In this sector, despite the minority of cases, there was a lot of agglomeration of people, including members of the press without masks in broadcast booths. In other parts of the stadium, it was also possible to see crowding and people without masks or with inappropriate use.

Cruzeiro fans at Arena do Jacaré — Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

At the match, you can witness the action of Sanitary Surveillance inspectors. They made photographic records of some moments of agglomeration and also approaches with unmasked people in the stands.