Under-20 Brazilian: Botafogo loses unbeaten at home and is thrashed by Fluminense

After four games without losing in the Brazilian Under-20 Championship, O Botafogo was defeated by Fluminense per 4 to 1 this Sunday, at CEFAT, and met his first setback at home. The result, however, did not change much of the situation at Fogão, which ended the round in sixth place, with 25 points, within the G-8.

Botafogo started on top of Fluminense, but suffered from counterattacks. After just four minutes, Tricolor opened the scoreboard precisely in a play of this type: Marcos Pedro rolled from the left and John Kennedy played with his heel to make it 1-0.

Alvinegro almost tied at 19: Gabriel Conceição got in, Ênio went free, dribbled the goalkeeper, but ended up kicking it out. Flu was more efficient: at 35, Matheus Martins received it from John Kennedy and made it 2-0. Three minutes later, John Kennedy still hit the post.

The second half was very busy. At seven minutes, Alexandre Jesus almost made the third, but Reydson took it over the line. Botafogo replied the next minute: Ryan forced goalkeeper Thiago Gonçalves to make a difficult defense in the corner.

Alvinegro’s goal was scored after nine minutes: Ryan put it on for Gabriel Conceição, the attacker split it with the goalkeeper and the ball was clean for Vitinho to make it 2-1. ball went out with a lot of danger, hitting the outside of the net.

However, at 33, Fluminense killed the game: Matheus Martins took a free kick at half moon and Igo Gabriel had no reaction. And there was still time for Luan Brito to receive from John Kennedy and turn the tricolor victory into a rout, at 42 minutes: Fluminense 4×1 Botafogo.

Botafogo’s upcoming games

Botafogo focuses on the semifinals of the Carioca Sub-20 and faces Flamengo on Thursday in Gávea, at 10 am, needing to win by two goals difference after losing the first game by 1-0. , in Cotia.


Local: CEFAT
Date-Time: 12/09/2021 – 3 pm
Referee: Philip Georg Bennett (RJ)
Assistants: Raphael Carlos de Almeida Tavares dos Reis (RJ) and Fernanda Vieira do Nascimento (RJ)
Income and audience: closed gates
Yellow cards: Wendel and Henrique Luro (BOT); Marcos Pedro, Luan Freitas, Yago, Jhonny and Thiago Gonçalves (FLU)
Red cards:
Goals: John Kennedy 4’/1ºT (0-1), Matheus Martins 35’/1ºT (0-2), Juninho 9’/2ºT (1-2), Matheus Martins 33’/2ºT (1-3) and Luan Brito 42 ‘/2ºT (1-4)

BOTAFOGO: Igo Gabriel; Carlos Henrique (Felipe Vieira 37’/2ºT), Henrique Luro (Pedro Lucas 31’/2ºT), Reydson and Vitor Marinho; Wendel (Dudu 37’/2ºT), Kauê and Juninho; Ryan (Rikelmi 26’/2ºT), Gabriel Conceição and Ênio – Coach: Thiago de Camillis.

FLUMINSE: Thiago Gonçalves; Jhonny, Luan Freitas, Davi and Marcos Pedro (Jephté 40’/2ºT); Alexsander, Edinho (Cauã 25’/2ºT) and Matheus Martins (Ewerthon 45’/2ºT); Yago (Nathan 25’/2ºT), John Kennedy (Gabryel Martins 45’/2ºT) and Alexandre Jesus (Luan Brito 40’/2ºT) – Coach: Eduardo Oliveira.

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