Unimed Nordeste-RS Hemodynamics obtains maximum level in IQG certification – DIFUSORA 890 AM

Program emphasizes patient-centered quality and safety elements and demonstrates decision-making related to expected results

Unimed Nordeste-RS obtained yet another important certificate that attests to the qualification of its services, this time in the area of ​​Hemodynamics, which works with the Hospital Complex Unimed Nordeste-RS. The service in which diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions are carried out through cardiovascular radiology, using catheters and contrast injections, won the Diamond level certificate, the maximum, granted by the Certification Committee of IQG.

“The Certification for Distinction in Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology Services was prepared by IQG – Health Services Accreditation in partnership with SBHCI – Brazilian Society of Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology, and is recognized by the National Health Agency – ANS”, explain the members of the IQG. “This is a certification program approved by SBHCI, focused on process excellence, which monitors results, uses the best scientific evidence and demonstrates the structure in a systemic way. It emphasizes patient-centered quality and safety elements and demonstrates decision-making related to the expected results”, they add.

For the assistance coordinator of Complexo Hospitalar Unimed Nordeste-RS, Angelita Paganin Costanzi, the achievement represents the fruit of the work of this multi-professional team, which spares no effort to serve the beneficiaries with quality and dedication. “The professionals are trained and have a lot of knowledge in carrying out the process. In addition, we use the most modern technology with low dose exposures, ensuring safety in the service provided”, he says.

The Director of Own Services, Dr. Vicente Verdi, also highlights the work of the professionals: “I congratulate everyone involved in this achievement, especially the performance of the multidisciplinary team for their constant qualification, making the Hospital Complex Hemodynamics service an example for the region and for the Unimed System.”

Dr. Marcelo Sabedotti, head physician of the service, recalls that the Hemodynamics of Complexo Hospitalar Unimed is already 13 years old. “During this period, we optimized service protocols, invested in state-of-the-art equipment and formed a cohesive and differentiated multidisciplinary team. We have the volume and capacity to carry out any interventional procedure. SBHCI’s diamond level certification only reinforces serious work that has been carried out for years. We continue to optimize the service to offer technology, safety and humanity for the care of our patients”, he says.

The nurse responsible for Hemodynamics, Marian Pezzi, highlights the importance of participating in the certification process. “It was very gratifying to work towards this achievement, realizing how we were able to implement the requests made by IQG, for process and service quality improvements, always focusing on patient safety”, he says. “The team and I received this recognition with great gratitude. I believe that it drives us to improve even more, as it motivates us to continue the search for practices of excellence”, he adds.

Source: Adri Silva Communication
Photo: Alesi Ditadi / Disclosure