Used and used cars are sold at prices up to 60% more expensive than the Fipe table | spend well

It’s not just new cars that are getting more expensive, used and used models are also trading at values ​​well above the widely used Fipe table, according to a survey between April 2020 and August 2021 of the hornbeam, a platform that intermediates online car sales.

More luxurious vehicles such as the BMW X1 were traded at prices over 60% above the Fipe table and more popular models such as Fit, Spin and March were priced at 40% above indicated in the table, according to surveys.

The Fipe table is widely used as a parameter for the purchase and sale of vehicles, but prices may vary depending on the region of the country, car conservation, color and accessories, among other factors, and it is not necessarily a faithful thermometer, as indicated by Carupi .

“The restrictive measures to contain covid-19 impacted several sectors, including the automotive sector, when at least 10 automakers stopped their production, impacting and bringing better opportunities to the used car market, as new cars were in short supply.”, states Gustavo Braga, Communication Director at Carupi.

Besides the BMW X1, which ranked first with a sale price of 61.1% above the Fipe table, Honda Fit appears in second place, with a value 42.3% above stipulated in the table. Next appear the Spin, from Chevrolet (+42.1%), the Nissan March (+40%) and the Hyundai Tucson (+39.1%).

The 10 most valued cars on resale

ModelPercentage above Fipe table
1BMW X161.1%
two Honda Fit42.3%
3Chevrolet Spin42.1%
4Nissan March40%
5Hyundai Tucson39.1%
6Hyundai i3038.5%
7Nissan Kicks38.1%
8 Jeep Compass36.4%
9Renault Duster35.7%
10Ford Fusion33.3%

Completing the ranking of the 10 cars that achieved the highest resale value, the Hyundai i30 appears in sixth place, with 38.5%. Models like the Nissan Kicks and Jeep Compass had sales 38.1% and 36.4% above the Fipe table, in that order. Closing the ranking of vehicles that exceed Fipe’s reference values, the Renault Duster (+35.7%) it’s the Ford Fusion (+33.3%).

It is possible to notice that the most valued cars are those from Japanese automakers such as Honda, Nissan and Korean Hyundai, signaling their favoritism in the country in the resale.

Used cars are sold for prices up to 60% more expensive than the Fipe table — Photo: Divulgação/Honda