“Vaccine yes” campaign now focuses on full immunization

posted on 09/12/2021 10:06 AM



As of today, the “Vaccine Sim” campaign enters a new phase. The consortium of press vehicles (which includes Estadão, TV Globo, G1, GloboNews, O Globo, Extra, Folha de S.Paulo and UOL), artists, presenters and anonymous come together to carry a message about the importance of complete immunization against covid, with two doses and for the entire population.

The campaign, which starts airing today, will show people of different ages, social classes and styles being touched by a feeling of hope thanks to the advance of vaccination in the country. In addition, the videos will reinforce the importance of maintaining basic care against covid (such as the use of masks, hand hygiene and distancing).

The action features young actors such as Rafael Vitti and Juan Paiva and important names in communication, such as presenters Ana Maria Braga and Astrid Fontenelle.

Ana Maria, by the way, felt the gravity of the disease and the effectiveness of the vaccines in her own skin. “The vaccine saved my life! When I was contaminated by the coronavirus, I believe that if I hadn’t taken the two doses I would have been much worse and might not even have survived,” he said. The presenter also reinforced the importance of being aware of the precautions against covid.

“The moment is still for attention and, even with the relaxation of sanitary rules, I insist that people take the vaccine, continue using a mask, alcohol gel, keeping the distance, if you can stay at home, stay, because the virus has variants and science runs to the search for a cure,” added the presenter.

The “Vaccine Sim” campaign also has the participation of anonymous people. This is the case of student Kauê dos Santos Vieira, 21, who lives in the Artur Alvim neighborhood, located in the east side of the city of São Paulo. “Participating in the campaign made me very proud. I think the message we are giving in relation to covid is important,” he said.

Vieira said that his mother is the main reference in conscious behavior against the virus. “My mother (Liliane dos Santos Vieira) is always on my toes about alcohol gel, distancing and everything else. With her, I learned everything and passed it on to my brothers. I am the oldest of three,” said the boy.

Despite all the precautions, Vieira’s mother and father even got covid. As a result, the entire family faced quarantine. “We stayed at home for 15 days. My father even went to the hospital, but he was fine,” he said. Unfortunately, Vieira lost a cousin to the covid. “I felt what it’s like to have an early loss. Covid affected the lives of all of us and the whole world. But let’s get out of this one,” he added. Vieira said he took the second dose of the vaccine last Friday.

In addition to the films on TV, the vehicles of the media consortium will activate in their print and digital media the messages of the “Vacina Sim” campaign, in addition to actions on social networks. In total, there will be more than 70 brands that will reverberate the message and raise the chorus about the awareness of the importance of vaccination to contain the pandemic. Information is from the newspaper The State of São Paulo.