Vanessa Giácomo meets Marcos Veras’ son and melts: ”Auntie is in love”

Vanessa Giácomo shared some photos of her meeting with Marcos Veras, Rosanne Mulholland and Davi on social media

Vanessa Giacomo (38) shared some photos on social networks with David (1), son of Marcos Veras (41) and Rosanne Mulholland (40).

In the images, the actress appears beside her husband, Giuseppe Dioguardi, playing with the boy, and in the caption of the publication she talked about the happiness of meeting her friend’s son.

“Today I met Davi and auntie is very much in love! I miss you”, wrote Vanessa, who worked with Veras on the soap opera grab hold, which is on air in a special edition on Globo.

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Followers praised the clicks. “How beautiful”, said a netizen. “Look at his face. Apparently he loved his aunt too”, wrote another. “How beautiful. Child has this magical power over us”, commented a fan. “What love. David is super happy to meet you too”, said one more.

In addition to Vanessa, Davi also met another couple of dad’s friends: Fatima Bernardes (58) and Tullius Gadelha (33). On social networks, the presenter showed the visit and celebrated. “We are neighbors and until today, due to the pandemic, we didn’t know Davi. Today @romulholland and @omarcosveras paid us a visit and it was a delight”, he wrote

Check out the photos of Vanessa Giácomo with Davi:

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