Via announces issuance of R$1 billion in debentures

Via, formerly ViaVarejo, this Sunday announced the issue of R$ 1 billion in debentures divided into three series. 1 million units of the title will be made available, at a price of R$ 1 thousand each.

“The funds raised by the company through the payment of the debentures will be used to lengthen the company’s debt profile and reinforce cash within the scope of the ordinary management of the company’s business”, informs Via in a notice to the market filed with the Securities Commission Securities (CVM) this morning.

This is the seventh public issuance of simple debentures (not convertible into shares) by the retail giant, which owns Extra, Casas Bahia and PontoFrio.

Check the remuneration of the series

The first series will be valid for three years from the date of issue, which has yet to be defined, and will pay 100% on Interbank Deposits (DIs) plus interest of 1.50% per year.

The second series will pay 100% of the DI with a surcharge of 1.70% per year and will be valid for five years.

The third series will last for seven years and will pay 100% on DIs plus 1.90% per year.

However, “there will be no minimum or maximum number of debentures or minimum or maximum amount for allocation between the series, and any one of the series may not be issued” if the issue reaches the amount earlier, continues Via in the statement.