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Arlete/Angel (Camila Queiroz) will be treated like garbage at Rogério’s (Tarcisio Filho) house in Verdades Secretas. Viviane (Laryssa Dias), her evil stepmother, will tell her friends that the young woman worked as a call girl and will cause an embarrassing situation at a barbecue. The teenager will be harassed by an older man and will eventually be thrown out of the house by her father, who will choose to stay by the woman’s side.

Camila Queiroz’s character will abandon her modeling career after Hilda (Ana Lúcia Torre) discovers the truth about the pink book.This Tuesday (14), the girl’s grandmother will refuse to tell Carolina (Drica Moraes) the reasons why Arlete gave up photography and parade on the catwalks, but will invent an excuse to take the girl to her father’s house and distance her from Fanny’s agency ( Marietta Severus).

In a scene that will air this Thursday (16), Viviane and Rogério will receive guests for an intimate party. In gossip with her friends, the self-interested woman will make it clear that she doesn’t like her stepdaughter. “Now am I going to have to take care of the other’s daughter? It’s a secret, but she was a call girl in São Paulo. And it seems that she charged dearly”, will tell the shrew.

The husband of one of the women will listen to the chatter among the gossips and will go after the young woman, who will be alone in a corner in the backyard. “You’re pretty pretty, sorry for the word, but hot too. No charm for me, I know everything. Let’s make an outing”, the pervert will say.

While she’s defending herself, Viviane will catch the scene and say that the girl is hitting on her friend’s husband. She will give Rogério an ultimatum, who will have to decide between his own daughter or his wife. “What are you going to do, Dad?” the aspiring model will ask. “Call your grandmother and ask her to come get you,” the coward will retort.

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Laryssa Dias on stage as Viviane

Chapter summary

Monday, 13/9 (Chapter 13)
Angel is taken to the police station. Estevão can’t talk to Carolina and Hilda goes to meet her granddaughter, accompanied by Darlene. Angel reveals to his grandmother that he did the program and begs his grandmother not to tell Carolina. Everaldo declares himself to Carolina.

Oswaldo advises Hilda to demand that Angel leave the modeling agency. Anthony asks Giovanna to talk to Fanny. Pressured by Hilda, Angel tells Fanny that she has given up her modeling career.

Tuesday, 14/9 (Chapter 14)
Fanny meets Hilda and agrees to push Angel away, but tells the girl that it will only be for a while. Oswaldo suggests that Hilda send Angel to her father’s house. Fanny schedules work for Giovanna to keep her away from Anthony. Divanilda is bothered by the romance between Larissa and Sam.

Fanny reveals to Alex that Angel will be away for a while and suggests introducing him to other girls. Angel meets his sister Yasmin. Hilda tells Rogério and Viviane that Angel has become a prostitute. Larissa goes to Alex’s suite. Viviane offends Angel.

Thursday, 9/16 (Chapter 15)
Angel questions Rogério’s feelings for her. Giovanna celebrates her first program. Pia is suspicious of Giovanna’s exits. Edgard pretends to be interested in working at Alex’s company to get closer to the businessman. Viviane tells a friend that Angel was a call girl.

Under threats from Viviane, Rogério asks Hilda to take Angel back home. Anthony tricks Fanny and goes out with Giovanna. Alex stays with Mayra thinking about Angel. To get Giovanna away from Anthony, Visky suggests that Fanny introduce the girl to Alex.

Friday, 9/17 (Chapter 16)
Giovanna offers Anthony money and suggests that the former model rent an apartment for the two of them. Angel returns to Carolina’s house. Guilherme asks to talk to Angel. Fanny directs Giovanna to introduce her to Alex.

Anthony rents an apartment to stay with Giovanna. Angel unburdens himself with Eziel and the boy proposes sleeping with his friend in exchange for money. Guilherme asks Angel for another chance. Giovanna arrives at Alex’s suite.

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