Xbox Series X already sells less than PS4 in Spain •

Data for the last week of August.

The latest data on video game sales in Spain are not favorable for the Xbox brand.

In the week of August 23rd to 29th, the three Xbox consoles available on the market were the ones that registered the worst sales (via Vandal), including the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which were not yet a year old.

The best-selling console of the week was the Nintendo Switch, with 4600 units. Next is PlayStation 5, with 3600 units. In third comes, unexpectedly, the PS4, which with 550 units was enough to put itself ahead of the Xbox consoles.

Data shows that Xbox Series S is clearly more popular than Xbox Series X (sold three times as much, at least this week). Combining all Xbox console models, Microsoft sold 620 units in the week in question.

In the top selling games table, 8 out of 10 games belong to Nintendo Switch. However, the top spot is occupied by Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4. Again, the game from Rockstar Games continues to impress for the endurance it has almost 8 years after the release of the original version.

Console sales in Spain – August 23rd of 29th

  1. Nintendo Switch – 4600 units
  2. PS5 – 3600 units
  3. PS4 – 550 units
  4. Xbox Series S – 450 units
  5. Xbox Series X – 150 units
  6. Xbox One – 20 units

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