yacht with two tons of cocaine captured in England

A joint operation between British and Australian police intercepted a luxury yacht off the British coast last Thursday, 9. two tons of cocaine.

Six men, aged between 24 and 49, were aboard the Jamaican-flag ship Kahu, which was sailing from the Caribbean. One is British and the other five are Nicaraguan. They were arrested and will be tried this Monday, 13.

According to the National Crimes Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom, the load is estimated at 160 million pounds sterling. In direct conversion, the amount equals more than BRL 1 billion.

Drug yacht discovered in international operation

The capture followed information obtained by Operation Ironside, carried out by law enforcement agencies in several countries. It was based on a application called AnOm, allegedly from encrypted communications, which was distributed by insiders from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for use by organized crime groups.

Instead of encrypting the messages, however, the application copied the content for the FBI and the Australian Federal Police. The operation to intercept the yacht was organized with information obtained by AnOm.

Watch video of the seizure of 2 tons of cocaine on a yacht

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