2021 Emergency Aid and Bolsa Família: see the 6th installment dates

2021 Emergency Aid and Bolsa Família

As of the date of this publication, September 14, those born in August receive Emergency Aid 2021. However, installment 5 that is in progress refers to physical payment, that is, it refers to availability for withdrawals. Since the 5th installment for online availability was paid during the month of August.

Installment 5 for withdrawals and installment 6 for online transactions and withdrawals

Therefore, check the calendar of the 5th installment of Emergency Aid 2021 for physical availability, as well as the payments of the 6th installment for common beneficiaries and beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família Program.

5th installment of 2021 emergency aid: cash withdrawal schedule for common beneficiaries (physical availability is in progress)

  • Beneficiaries born on: January – September 1st
  • Beneficiaries born: February – September 2
  • Beneficiaries born: March – September 3
  • Beneficiaries born: April – September 6
  • Beneficiaries born: May – September 9th
  • Beneficiaries born: June – September 10th
  • Beneficiaries born: July – September 13
  • Beneficiaries born: August – September 14
  • Beneficiaries born: September – September 15th
  • Beneficiaries born: October – September 16
  • Beneficiaries born: November – September 17
  • Beneficiaries born: December – September 20

Schedule of the 6th installment of Emergency Aid 2021

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Beneficiary’s birth monthOnline availability (digital account and Caixa Tem app)

Physical availability (withdrawals in kind)

JanuarySeptember 21stOctober 4th
FebruarySeptember 22october 5th
MarchSeptember 23thoctober 5th
AprilSeptember 24thOctober 6th
Mayseptember 25thoctober 8th
Juneseptember 26thOctober 11th
JulySeptember 28thOctober 13
AugustSeptember 29thOctober 14
SeptemberSeptember 30thOctober 15th
OctoberOctober 1stoctober 18th
NovemberOctober 2ndOctober 19th
DecemberOctober 4thOctober 19th

6th installment of Emergency Aid 2021 for Bolsa Família beneficiaries

According to official information, the beneficiary enrolled in Bolsa Família receives payments according to the final number of the NIS, as occurred in previous payments. Check the calendar:

NIS ended in:Benefit payment date:
1September 17th
twoSeptember 18th
3September 21st
4September 22
5September 23th
6September 24th
7september 25th
8September 28th
9September 29th
0September 30th
See upcoming payments for the Bolsa Família Program

If you want to consult the Bolsa Família payments until the month of December of this year, click on this highlight. It is important to emphasize that Bolsa Família beneficiaries are able to use the Caixa app, in addition to withdrawing the amount through the Bolsa Família Card or Citizen Card at ATMs or lottery stores.

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