6th installment of 2021 emergency aid starts in 4 days; see all dates

On September 17, payment of the 6th installment of emergency aid. After the government officializes on July 5th the extension of the Aid for another 3 months, the payments will continue until October and in September the penultimate installment of the benefit. Decree 10,740 extended the aid to 7 installments in total in 2021 and after that the government plans to launch Brazil Aid.

The 6th installment starts with the Bolsa Família group, on the 17th. The general public will only start receiving credits in their account on the 21st. Almost 40 million beneficiaries will be covered once again. The Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, said that the aid should even end in October. “President Bolsonaro has granted 3 more installments of Emergency Aid with new installments until October to nearly 40 million beneficiaries across Brazil“, declared Rome.

How will the 6th installment be

After finishing releasing the withdrawals of the fifth installment in September (withdrawals continue until the 20th), the 6th installment of aid already have the dates defined for all groups.

App and website subscribers will receive from September 21st to October 3rd. For the Bolsa Família audience, installment 6 runs from September 17th to 30th, with credits and withdrawals released on the same day.

See the full calendar of 6th installment of emergency aid for all audiences:

Schedule 6th installment – Emergency Aid 2021 (general public)
Birth monthAccount credit dateCash withdrawal date
JanuarySeptember 21stOctober 4th
FebruarySeptember 22october 5th
MarchSeptember 23thoctober 5th
AprilSeptember 24thOctober 6th
Mayseptember 25thoctober 8th
Juneseptember 26thOctober 11th
JulySeptember 28thOctober 13
AugustSeptember 29thOctober 14
SeptemberSeptember 30thOctober 15th
OctoberOctober 1stoctober 18th
NovemberOctober 2ndoctober 18th
DecemberOctober 3rdOctober 19th

family allowance

Dates of the 6th installment for Bolsa Família
NIS final digitPayday
1September 17th
twoSeptember 20
3September 21st
4September 22
5September 23th
6September 24th
7september 27th
8September 28th
9September 29th
0September 30th

Sixth installment amount

The aid sequence will continue with the same amounts already paid currently – that is, installments of BRL 150, BRL 250 and BRL 375. The government had to open extraordinary credit to pay for the extra installments. According to the Minister of Citizenship, the extension of Emergency Aid 2021 will cost R$ 27 billion to the Union’s coffers – each portion of the benefit represents an expense of R$ 9 billion.

Thus, the number of beneficiaries remains the same and the 7 installments of Aid 2021 should continue to reach 39 million who were approved to receive the first installments. The portion of R$150 is for people who live alone, R$250 for families made up of more than one person and R$375 for female heads of household.

Can I still challenge the denied aid?

Yes. Those who had their benefit blocked in September will be able to challenge Dataprev’s denial again. Data review is monthly, so whoever was receiving it may be cut in the new round.

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, the system is updated every month and with each new installment, the contest period is reopened.

See the main reasons that allow the contestation, if you are blocked in the new consultation performed:

  • Be a minor (mothers under 18 are entitled to the benefit). The challenge must be made after updating the information on the IRS website.
  • Have a death record. In this case, go to the civil registry office to correct the information before asking for a challenge.
  • Provider of death pension;
  • Receive Unemployment Insurance (access the CTPS Digital or Sine Fácil application and see the unemployment insurance status. If you are not receiving it, the worker can file a dispute).
  • It has an RGPS link. In this case, access “My INSS” and “CTPS Digital” and check if the employment relationship has already been terminated. If not, contact the employer to update the information before filing the dispute.
  • Intermittent worker (access “My INSS” or “CTPS Digital” and terminate the contract before making the challenge);
  • Closed prisoner or Reclusion Aid. In this case, if the worker no longer receives this assistance or does not fit into the situation, he can request a new analysis.
  • CPF not identified (regularize the CPF on the Revenue website).
  • Intern. Before contesting, it is necessary to update the information with the agency where you worked.
  • Scholarship holder CAPES, CNPQ, MEC or FNDE. If you don’t fit the situation, you can contest it.

However, there are some grounds of ineligibility that do not allow the aid to be challenged. Let’s see what they are:

Cases where it is not possible to contest

  • Be a public servant (federal, municipal, state and military);
  • Have an elective mandate (political);
  • Have taxable income above the ceiling (BRL 28,559.70 in 2019);
  • Have exempt income above the ceiling (greater than R$ 40,000.00);
  • Have assets above the ceiling on December 31, 2019 exceeding BRL 300,000.00;
  • Have a dependent on a holder with income above the aforementioned ceilings;
  • Be from a family already covered (already have a person receiving the aid in 2021).

Auxílio Brasil is the new Bolsa Família

On August 10, the government published the Provisional Measure – MP 1.061 creating the Brazil Aid Program, replacing Bolsa Família. One of the main changes must be in the value of the average ticket, which must go from R$192 to reach R$300.

“The desire is for it to come as close as possible to 300 reais as an average ticket, as there are several nuances of family compositions. The desirable thing is that, on average, the family that earns less and the family that earns more, we reach this value. “, said Onyx Lorenzoni.

President Jair Bolsonaro gave an interview recently talking about the new value as well. Bolsonaro stated that the government could increase the value of the new benefit to close to R$400 in December this year. According to the president, the 50% increase is already “practically agreed” among members of the government. Still, the economic team does not know where to get the money for the benefit to reach that amount.

Bolsonaro even cited the high inflation on basic food basket products to justify the increase in the benefit. “With regard to Bolsa Família, we had an inflation of 14% for products in the basic basket, there was an item that rose to 50%. And in the new Bolsa Família, the idea is to give it a 50% increase in December. Bolsa Família exits and Auxílio Brasil enters“, said Bolsonaro.