7 foods capable of boosting immunity

Keep immunity high is essential for health, in addition to providing better quality of life and disposition. Good nutrition is one of the main pillars for this and some specific foods can strengthen the body’s natural defense system; check out 7 of them below. The information is from “Yahoo Life”.

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A study published in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine indicates that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties fundamental for fighting colds or flu. As inflammation can affect the body’s immune response, this natural root can play a key role in boosting immunity.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that helps strengthen the immune system, as well as prevent and ease the symptoms of the common cold, as shown by research by the National Center for Epidemiology and Population Health, National University of Australia.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is rich in protein and contains probiotics capable of fighting disease. According to a publication in the Korean Journal of Family Medicine, daily consumption of probiotics can prevent and treat the common cold and boost immunity.


Tomato is also a good health ally, due to its high concentration of vitamin C. A German study published by Medizinische Monatsschrift fur Pharmazeuten, showed that a deficiency of this nutrient can lead to a weaker immune system, in addition to decreasing resistance to certain pathogens that can cause disease.


According to University of California researchers, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables help boost immunity, thanks to their properties of sulforaphane, a chemical that can activate antioxidant genes and enzymes in specific immune cells and, consequently, fight free radicals in the body. body and prevent disease.

Green tea

Green tea is rich in flavonoids, an antioxidant that boosts immunity, and contains anti-inflammatory properties, according to a study published in the Journal of the Indian Society of Periodontology.


Eggs, especially yolks, have nutrients that are essential for health. The food is rich in vitamin D, which helps regulate and strengthen immunity. According to a study published in the journal JAMA, taking vitamin D in winter decreases the likelihood of catching a cold or any other respiratory tract infection.

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