A man finds a nipple in a snack from a famous fast food chain

A 27-year-old man found a nipple inside a sandwich McDonald’s in Gateshead, UK. The discovery came when the British decided to count the bacon slices of the snack.

Simon Robinson recorded what he found and published on social networks, complaining about the restaurant chain. When he returned home and showed his mother what he had found, he discovered that it was a pig nipple.

“Opening up and discovering this was revolting. This completely turned me off. So much so that I’m thinking about becoming a vegan now,” he told the News.

Simon says that he usually buys bacon sandwiches at the same restaurant and that he always opens the snack for check what’s inside.

“This time, it seems my act was justified. I know you can find nipples in pork belly bacon, but I didn’t order one. I ordered a bacon sandwich. I didn’t dare eat it, but I ate the rest of the roll”, reveals the Brit.

According to him, the product must be sent by the company to a laboratory to pass inspection. In a statement, the food company said they use bacon cuts taken from pig’s back, making the presence of a nipple impossible.

“We use pork back bacon in all of our sandwiches. Because of where this cut is taken from, we are confident that the customer is wrong in his assertion. We understand that the customer is in contact with our service team and that they are receiving assistance”.