A man is convicted after injecting semen into a woman’s buttock in a supermarket; watch video – World

A 53-year-old man was convicted after assaulting a woman injecting semen in it with a syringe. The case took place in February 2020 in Churchton, Maryland, United States, and was recorded on security cameras. The information is from the newspaper metropolises.

The victim, identified as Katie Peters, returned her shopping cart at Christopher’s Fine Foods supermarket when she was attacked by the attacker, Thomas Stemem. After being pierced, she screamed and asked if the man had burned her with a cigarette.

Upon returning home, Katie noticed a small red spot on his buttocks, noticing that his pants were wet in the affected area.

According to the British portal The Mirror, the victim called her son for starting to feel a burning in the area, with a puncture-like wound. On Fox5 news channel, she said she had no idea what was in the needle. “It could be rat poison, HIV, I don’t know what was in the needle,” he reported.

The wound increased to about 10 centimeters, which motivated the search for a hospital.

Unknown substance for a week

The victim was unaware of the substance injected into her for about a week. The liquid was only identified after police recognized the man from the recordings and found, in his car, a syringe with the material.

At Thomas’ house, agents also found nine empty syringes with remnants of the material scattered on the site.

The criminal’s arrest took place a week after the attack. Now convicted, Thomas faces ten years in prison, plus five years on probation for second-degree assault against a 17-year-old girl.

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