Acre had a drop of nearly 56,000 SUS medical procedures during the pandemic | Acre

Almost 56,000 outpatient medical procedures were not performed in Acre during the new coronavirus pandemic. The data are from the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), released this Monday (13), with information from the Outpatient Information System of the Unified Health System (SIA-SUS).

The study used the numbers of medical procedures performed in 2019, which were 162,988, and in 2020, when the Covid-19 cases arrived in Brazil, with a record of 107,169. The reduction was 34% between the periods evaluated.

The state of Acre had the second largest reduction in the North region, only behind Amazonas (38%).

O G1 contacted the Health Department of Acre (Sesacre) and I await a return.

According to the study, the reason for this decrease in procedures is linked to the following factors:

  • Restrictions on access to hospitals;
  • Bed contingency for patients with covid-19;
  • Fear of going to a health facility because of the pandemic.

Graph shows outpatient procedures that were suspended in the country due to the pandemic — Photo: Reproduction/CFM

In Brazil, the most affected procedures were ophthalmology, radiology, internal medicine, radiotherapy, anatomopathology, cardiology, laboratory medicine, neurology, among others.

The council’s survey also shows that Acre has one of the largest reductions in elective surgeries in the country. The drop was 58%, followed by Rondônia, with 51%.

In the country, medical teams stopped or postponed about 2.8 million elective surgeries in 2020 due to the pandemic.

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