Afghanistan: Taliban murders civilians in revenge in resistance stronghold

Afghan shopkeeper Abdul Sami, who was reportedly killed by the Taliban
Photo caption,

This man, shopkeeper Abdul Sami, believed he was in no danger with the rise of the Taliban, sources said.

The BBC found that at least 20 civilians were killed in Afghanistan’s Panjshir province, where fighting had raged between the Taliban and opposition forces.

Communications have been cut in the region, making reporting difficult, but the BBC has evidence of killings committed by the Taliban, despite promises of amnesty and peace made by the group that now controls Afghanistan.

BBC footage of a dusty road in Panjshir shows a man wearing military gear surrounded by Taliban fighters. It is possible to hear gunshots and then it falls to the ground.

It is unclear whether the dead man was military — combat uniforms are common in the region. In the video, one person insists that it was a civilian.