After controversial fight, Robson Conceição’s team formalizes protest at the World Boxing Council | ba

Robson Conceição’s team formalized a complaint at the World Boxing Council (WBC), in which it protests against the result of the fight against Oscar Valdez, which took place in the early hours of last Saturday [veja a preparação do pugilista no vídeo acima]. Although the Bahian was better in the initial rounds, the event judges gave a unanimous victory in favor of the Mexican.

The fighter’s team from Bahia wants the CMB to promote an immediate rematch between the two opponents, or even for Robson to be elevated to the condition of first place in the ranking of super feathers so that, in this way, he is the mandatory challenger.

Robson Conceição vs. Oscar Valdez boxing super featherweight belt — Photo: Getty Image

Despite the protest, there is no expectation of a favorable outcome for the boxer, who already wants to return to training thinking about the next challenge.

In contact with the ge report, Robson Conceição’s team says that he has his head held high and is aware that he has won the fight. There is a consensus among them that the result of the fight would have been armed; the organization that handled the event is from the city of Tucson, Arizona, birthplace of Mexican Oscar Valdez.

Robson Conceição himself went to social media and sent a message addressed to his opponent, declaring himself the winner of the duel.

“Oscar, I had a clean fight. I followed all the strategies to beat you. And I won. That was boxing. You were the one who disrespected me and all boxing with your positive drug test. A ‘champion’ must respect and be example. I showed in and out of the ring who deserves this belt.”

In the message, Robson refers to the positive result of the Mexican for the use of the substance fermentina, which helps with weight loss. Despite Valdez claiming that he did not use it on purpose, the countertest was also positive. The tests showed doping, but the organization of the event kept fighting.

Robson Conceição lost on points to champion Oscar Valdez, in a balanced fight valid for the title of the super featherweight belt by the World Boxing Council. Better during the initial rounds, the Brazilian did not conform and contested the result, which pointed to the victory for the Mexican 3-0 (double 115 to 112 and a surprising 117 to 110).