After mocking Anderson and ending up stretched out in the ring, Ortiz surrenders to the legend: ‘Not even Liddell hit me like that’

A. Silva has his arm raised after an overwhelming victory over T. Ortiz. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The co-main fight of ‘Desafio no Boxe’ had a tragic end for those who hoped to see Tito Ortiz overcome Anderson Silva. Hardly knocked out in the first round, the American, who had mocked the style of ‘spider‘ before the confrontation, surrendered to the talent of the Brazilian. In an interview with ‘Fight Hub TV’, the ‘bad boy‘ described the experience and said he was surprised with the technique of the MMA legend.

“I’ve never been hit like that. Neither (Chuck) Liddell hit me like that. It was a great clean punch. It was a right hook, right? I was stupid to stand in front of him like that. Anderson has been boxing for a long time. I have a lot of respect for him. I trained as hard as I could,” said Ortiz.

Even hit by ‘spider‘, Shot in his boxing debut, Tito ensures that the experience was worthwhile. The fighter, who, moments later, challenged the youtuber Logan Paul was brief in dealing with the episode.

“I had never boxed before. It was an opportunity. I loved it, it’s exciting”, he said.

Silva’s victory over Tito extended the Brazilian’s good moment in ‘noble art’. In June of the 2021 season, the 46-year-old athlete had already made a show of beating former world boxing champion Julio César Chávez Jr. in his first challenge since leaving the UFC.