After the advisor asks for a view, Anatel postpones the 5G auction once again

SAO PAULO – Anatel’s counselor Moisés Queiroz Moreira asked for a look at the analysis of the final proposal for the 5G auction notice this Monday afternoon (13).

According to Moreira, more time is needed for analysis and discussion and the process will be resumed “as soon as possible” in an extraordinary meeting. The deadline for resuming the voting process was not discussed.

This was the second postponement of the discussion of the process. In practice, after the approval from the meeting, Anatel would have between 30 and 45 days to hold the auction after the decision was published in the Official Gazette (DOU).

“We didn’t have enough time to better address the measures to be taken,” said Queiroz, referring to the recommendations made by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) and the responses that will be given by the regulatory agency.

“I am committed to speed, but also to the prudence that is required before the biggest public notice in Anatel’s history. I will bring my vote as soon as possible depending on the speed with which I receive the necessary information about the projects of the Ministry of Communications and other internal information necessary to make the necessary adjustments”, he added.

There were divergences in relation to the proposal presented by the advisor and rapporteur of the notice, Emmanoel Campelo, who suggested maintaining the deadlines for activation of 5G in capitals in July 2022, contrary to TCU’s recommendations to postpone it until the end of next year.

Campelo also suggested shortening from 90 to 45 days the deadline for creating the entity that will be in charge of the execution of the connectivity project in schools. Another point was the reorganization of batches in the 26 Ghz band. This last point was the subject of divergence from councilor Vicente Aquino.

Apart from Queiroz, the other councilors did not express their votes.

Anatel considers this auction as the biggest radio frequency bidding in the history of Brazil, and the frequencies auctioned will work as a kind of road for the 5G signal to reach the final consumer.

According to Anatel, the collection could reach R$ 45 billion.

As the agency explains, the following radio frequency bands are included in the auction: 700 MHz, 2.3 GHz, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz.

“The 3.5 GHz band is considered the main one, through which data will be transmitted at ultra speed from cell phones and devices in general to communication towers”, says Anatel.

In terms of speed, while 4G provides speeds of up to 1 Gbps, 5G will provide up to 20 Gbps. “5G has the potential to revolutionize the telecommunications industry, with deeper connections and reaching Brazilian regions that currently do not have internet access,” says the agency.

According to Anatel’s estimates, today around 20% of households in the country are without access to 4G or with inadequate supply, “but with the 5G edict, connectivity will be expanded to all locations above 600 inhabitants, reducing this rate ”.

*With State Agency.