Anatel once again postpones the 5G notice. Government schedule compromised

Counselor Moisés Moreira - Credit: Disclosure
Credit: Disclosure

Councilor Moisés Moreira asked to see the notice for the sale of 5G frequencies. According to his statement, there are many recommendations and suggestions made by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) to change the previously approved rules, and therefore, he could not approve today, 13, the proposal formulated by the councilor Emmanoel Campelo, who accepted all the recommendations made by TCU. To formulate his position, Moreira decided to cancel his vacation, which was scheduled to start today, the 13th. “We didn’t have enough time to analyze the proposals. I undertake to submit the vote as quickly as possible”, said the councilor.

With another delay for the approval of the notice, the government’s schedule, which intended to have the 5G service launched in all Brazilian capitals before the 2022 general elections, in July of next year, is compromised. Moises highlighted that the “Agency and not the Ministry of Communications is the Grantor Power of the notice. And I will be able to have a precise date without being frivolous within two to three days”, he stated.


This is because a period of at least 200 days will be needed to clean the 3.5 GHz band, in order to ensure that viewers of satellite TV services can continue to receive TV signals on other frequencies, and for that , it is necessary to migrate TV stations to new satellites and to distribute reception kits to viewers, as was done with digital TV.

In his report, Campelo kept the schedule for the launch of the service by companies that purchase the 3.5 GHz national licenses for July 31, 2022, noting, however, that Anatel’s technical area was already proposing the postponement of this launch for December of next year, due to the deadline between the launch of the notice, the holding of the auction and the construction of the networks.

faithful compliant

Before paralyzing today’s voting, Moreira gave a vent in reaction to information published last week that the meeting had been canceled due to his absence. He stressed that he was always faithful to fulfill his obligations. “I never missed a meeting of the Board of Directors,” he said.

In a press release, counselor Moisés Moreira cited the need to remedy all the weaknesses presented by the Federal Court of Auditors. may be the target of new steps with the Ministry of Communications, “in order to bring greater legal certainty to the decision taken”, he says.

Moreira understands, unlike the other councilors, that TCU has established that it will be up to Anatel to carry out the project and supervise the construction of the private network and the network in the Amazon. At a press conference, President Leonardo de Morais, questioned about the issue, said that the council had already decided that, in these two cases, it would be up to the Executive Branch to implement public policy.

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