Android 12 coming! Weather Widgets and Assistant receive Material You

The official launch of Android 12 is getting closer and closer and Google has already started to update its main applications with the visual language of the software. An example of this was seen on the system’s calculator and even on YouTube Music.

Now the weather widget and Google Assistant also received a layer of Material You. The new thing was discovered by the XDA people after doing a quick analysis of the application code.

According to the developers, the aesthetic change is still hidden and cannot be activated by the common public, but the end result brings what everyone expects: elegant widgets that abuse pastels.

Check out:

So far, there is no forecast for the new widgets to be released. Anyway, the XDA people explain that they do not support dynamic colors yet, which are based on the wallpaper chosen by the user.

Currently, the weather widget only displays the temperature of your location and doesn’t bring some news commented by Google in the I/O.

It is worth remembering that the market forecast is that Android 12 will be released to Pixel line devices in early October. However, Google has been completely silent on the matter.

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