Apple Event: How to Watch the iPhone 13 Launch

This Tuesday (14), at 2 pm (GMT), the new iPhone 13 will be launched at the company’s headquarters in California (United States). To help brand fans who want to follow the keynote, the Digital Look separated applications and platforms that will broadcast the event.

It is expected that the company disclose, in addition to the technological innovations of the new iPhone 13, its market value at least for the US, which would already provide a basis for Brazilians to stipulate how much the device will cost here. Those who watch the keynote may also be surprised with releases of other lines of the new smartphone, such as the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. And who knows, the Apple Watch Series 7 won’t show up too.


Watch the Apple event from your computer

One of the simplest ways to follow the launch of the iPhone 13 is by going to Apple’s own website (click here). Fast and easy to navigate, fans can access it from any browser, both on computer and mobile.

New iPhone 13 launch page on Apple’s official website. Image: Reproduction

Follow the launch of iPhone 13 on YouTube

The launch of new iPhones is eagerly awaited every year. So it’s nothing new that Apple broadcasts around the world through its YouTube channel. And the best: free. Anyone can watch.

YouTube creates new gesture to control video playback in app
Image: Shutterstock

How to see the iPhone 13 launch by Apple software

For those who already have the company’s device, whether iOS or tvOS, just access the Apple TV app. Once the event starts, the user can search for “Apple Events” in the app’s tabs or find it through the search engine.

Person tinkering with their Apple TV
Studio Monkey/Shutterstock

iPhone 13

The new generation of iPhone may bring little improvement over the iPhone 12, released last year. The iPhone 13 should follow the same look as its predecessor, including four models: the standard and Pro version with 6.1 inches, the mini with 5.4 inches and the Pro Max with 6.7 inches. All screens should have a 120 Hz refresh rate, which users are highly anticipated, as well as a smaller notch and stronger magnets for MagSafe technology.

The highlight is the new A15 Bionic chip that must be manufactured with 5 nm lithography, the same as the A 14 Bionic on the iPhone 12, with compatibility for 5G and Wi-FI 6E networks, as well as a communication system via satellites that will be used for emergency warning only. Apple’s idea is to provide an SMS system for users to alert when they are in places without 5G or 4G coverage. The expectation is that, in the future, the company will adopt the technology for international calls without the need for operators. The feature, however, will be restricted to some countries.

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