Apple must allow apps on iOS to link external forms of payment

But Epic Games must pay a million-dollar breach-of-contract fine for removing Fortnite from iOS

the judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers passes sentence about the Epic Games Vs. Apple case, defining that the Apple reverses its policies preventing developers from linking external forms of payment to iOS apps within 90 days, but also decides in favor of Apple by demanding that Epic Games pay $3 million of Fortnite revenues between August and October 2020, and plus 30% of your total revenue between 1O November and the day of the sentence, since the removal of Fortnite from iOS by Epic Games configured a breach of contract with Apple.

Both pricing and curation practices are also practiced by all other digital software distribution platforms, differing only in the percentage reverted to developers and in the criteria that must be met to allow software to be made available on a given platform, so the judge Rogers ruled in favor of Apple on iOS monopoly, trust, and in-store abusive practices.

“While the Court finds that Apple enjoys a sizable 55 percent market share and extraordinary profit margins, these factors just do not amount to antitrust conduct. Success is not illegal.”

Credits: Epic Games

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THE guarantee of refunds without a lot of bureaucracy for any in-app purchases made on iOS was one of the advantages of Apple’s tighter control over forms of monetization. Despite this, the company has 90 days from the date of publication of the judgment to suspend the policy that deprives developers from binding external forms, therefore not insured by Apple, payment in your apps.

The considerable victory, more for developers in general than for Epic Games, is the only among 10 charges against Apple in which the judge favored Epic Games.

Whether or not to practice fees that yield a greater profit margin to developers is, and should be, a choice for each company, and completely remove Fortnite from iOS for claiming that the 30% rate of revenue generated within applications practiced by Apple deprived the company completely of revenue from the title that had already been officially published within the ecosystem, resulting in a breach of contract.

In this way, Epic Games must pay in addition to $3 million of Fortnite’s revenue between August and October 2020, plus 30% of your total revenue from removal of title to day of judgment as a form of compensation for this violation.

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However, Tim Sweeney has expressed on his Twitter that Epic Games will appeal to the Court, possibly not the sentence for breach of contract, but the amount demanded, further stating that Fortnite will only return to iOS when Apple complies with the decision to offer external forms of payment within its ecosystem.


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Source: MVCUK