At Globo, everything is now possible, until the retirement of Bonner from JN – Prisma

It’s worth repeating: it’s good to prepare hearts because, when it comes to Globo, in addition to everything that has happened this year – Fausto, Mion, Huck, Tiago…, there’s a lot more to come.

There’s no way not to be. It is the natural order of life.

For example: the departure of Tiago Leifert leaves two empty spaces, “Big Brother Brasil” and “The Voice Brasil”. And, for one of them, the “BBB”, the choice of his replacement, due to commercial and production needs, has to happen immediately. It’s only four months until the debut.

Changes that will be inevitable or determined also by the question of time.

For example: William Bonner has been a member of the “National Newspaper” for 25 years. Before him, or more than him, Cid Moreira stayed for 27 years. Natural to expect, at any moment, an exchange, even because of his desire to do something else. Now or next year, after the elections.

As in the interiors, in addition to journalism, a lot is also talked about for entertainment.

Therefore, insisting on what was said at the beginning, it is good to prepare hearts.

Another example

Since the announcement of Tiago Leifert’s departure, two names have been appointed for the presentation of “BBB”: Marcos Mion and Tadeu Schmidt.

It is evident that, in addition to them, Globo is also analyzing other possibilities. And any of these exchanges, of course, will imply developments: being Schmidt, who in his place in “Fantastic”?


Other stirrings, at the same time, can be expected in the near future.

Between men and women. Ivete Sangalo, without a doubt, was one of the best surprises ahead of “The Masked Singer Brasil”. From this success, another thousand possibilities have already been spoken to her.

Movie theater

Deo Garcez, currently as Luiz Gama in “Nos Tempos do Imperador”, on Globo, and in the rerun of “Prova de Amor”, by Record, will be part of the cast of “Arcanos”, by Joaquim Haickel, starring Lília Cabral .

The film is being shot in Maranhão, with the special participation of Alcione.


Fábio Piperno, from BandSports, one of the most respected figures in the field, debuts today as a new regular participant in the “3 in 1” of Jovem Pan.

He will be alongside Bruna Torlay and Rodrigo Constantino.

new faces

“BBB11” champion, Maria Melilo is the new ambassador for the Total Artist project, by director Márcio Trigo in partnership with entrepreneurs Fabiano Biazon and Mateus Ahlert. The objective is to discover new talents and train participants through online classes on acting and characterization techniques.

At the end, Trigo will choose 20 participants for his next film and reality show.

Seventy years

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Brazilian telenovela, to be completed in December, the Centro Universitário Belas Artes, in São Paulo, will have a postgraduate degree, open debates to the public and a book launch.

The course, starting in October, brings together many references in the area, such as Mauro Alencar, Elmo Francfort, Rosangela Patriota, among others.

has date

“Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor”, substitute for “Pega Pega”, on Globo, at 7pm, with Giovanna Antonelli and Mateus Solano, is scheduled to premiere on November 22nd.

In the exact same month that their work will end. It’s another one that will air completely recorded.

gave the start

And yesterday, finally, SBT recorded the first scenes of “Poliana Moça”, under the general direction of Ricardo Mantoanelli.

Studio and outdoor work. On air in 2022.


Next Sunday’s “Fantastic” will be commemorative, 2500 editions on air.

In a festive rhythm, the program will also present new paintings and an opening.

Now a series

After her participation in the filming of “Níobe” ended, Bárbara França went to Portugal.

And for some days now, she has been dedicated to recording a new series, “Da Mood”, which will be shown very soon on RTP. Barbara reveals that she should only return to Brazil at the end of October.

Is today

One of those Tuesdays… Soon, after “Quando Chama o Coração”, at 10:45 pm, Record will have the premiere of “A Fazenda 13”.

Adriane Galisteu, in the presentation, is one of the attractions.

And there’s more

For the first time, in response to requests that were many, “A Fazenda” will debut with more than half of the names revealed. Noise already installed.

And the interesting thing is that the list will only be complete on Friday, with the choice of the 21st or 21st participant, among other four people confined in the magazine.


• Responsible for making the voice of God, in “Genesis”, Flávio Galvão will be available to the team even after the final recordings this week.

• Sunday, 8:30 pm, TNT presents the 73rd edition of the Emmy Awards, considered the biggest award on TV, moving Carol Ribeiro, Tiago Abravanel and Ikaro Kadoshi…

• … The ceremony will start at 9 pm, with comments by Aline Diniz and Michel Arouca.

• For telenovelas that will air completely ready, Globo will record different endings…

• … For two reasons: one, if everything leaks out before its time, the other considering the public’s own expectations.

• No movement yet at O2 Filmes about the series “Evil Secret”…

• … Meanwhile, Tainá Muller, who is in the two, will dedicate himself to the new season of “Good Morning, Veronica”.

• Ronnie Von is R7’s “All Programs Show” interviewee this week…

• … A wonderful conversation about past, present and future.

• Paula Fernandes is the guest judge of “The Masked Singer Brasil”, on Globo, this Tuesday.

• Karina Bacchi interviews gymnast Rebeca Andrade on Positively Podcast today.

• Also in the podcast area, Matheus Ceará and his wife, Bianca Campos, talk this Tuesday with Vinícius Vieira at Bora Papear.

• Record confirms for the 24th, a Friday, the debut of the next season of “Top Chef Brasil”.