At the end of the term, CBF forwards defense for judgment of suspension of Brazil x Argentina | qualifiers – south america

This Monday, the CBF sent the defense to judge the suspension of the Brazil-Argentina match. FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings to analyze the cases that led to the interruption – and consequent suspension – of the Sept. 5 Playoffs game.

The website “Uol” informed about the sending of the defense of the CBF, which prepared a series of documents to show that the principal – in this case, Brazil – had nothing to do with the suspension of the match. Anvisa action, after some warnings to the Argentine delegation, caused the game to stop.

CBF sent the defense at the end of the deadline. There is no prediction of a FIFA verdict, which is also defended by the Argentines. Anvisa notified four players from the Argentina national team, which should be quarantined. The Argentine Football Association tried, at the last minute, to obtain special authorization, but was unsuccessful.

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Brazil x Argentina is suspended after entry of Anvisa agent in the field — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

A report on the events of the game and prior to the match – as from Anvisa itself, with records of meetings with officials from Argentina – try to show that everything that was incumbent on the CBF was done.

There is no free date for a possible new game between Brazilians and Argentines – who meet for the “second round” of the qualifiers in November.

Anvisa says that four Argentines should comply with quarantine as they passed through England in the last 14 days. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, midfielders Emiliano Buendia and Giovani Lo Celso and defender Cristian Romero play in English football. Before, they traveled straight to Venezuela to play – Argentina won 3-1.

Also according to Anvisa, there was erroneous information given by the Argentines in the form to enter the country. Not to mention that the four athletes have been in England for the past two weeks.

The match at Neo Química Arena was stopped at around six minutes. Anvisa agents, then followed by police, entered the stadium, on the lawn and went after players. The match delegate tried to stop it, but it was in vain. There was discussion with two players from Argentina.