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Judge admits he was wrong as a result of Robson Conceição's title fight

Photo: Playback / Instagram

One of the judges in the fight for the title, Stephen Blea admitted this Monday (13) that he was wrong in the result of the clash between Robson Conceição and Oscar Valdez. Despite the Bahian dominating the fight, the Mexican came out victorious in the eyes of the judges, in the super-featherweight category of the World Boxing Council (WBC), last Friday (10), in Tucson, USA (remember here). In a letter sent by the board and reproduced by press vehicles in the United States and Mexico, Blea acknowledges the failure to give 117 to 110 for the title holder.

“I’ve seen the fight and analyzed my performance well. My score of 117-110 isn’t exact and doesn’t represent actions in the ring,” he said.

In the letter, Blea says that in two hard-fought rounds he should have scored 10 to 10, as there was no winner. However, he gave the victory to Valdez 10-9, understanding that the champion has the benefit of the doubt, a common practice in boxing, even though it is not part of the rules. The judge also stated that he did not have a complete view of the fight and was carried away by the reaction of the Mexican’s fans, who fought at home, since he was raised in that region of Arizona.

“I couldn’t see some connected hits from [Robson] Conceição, to whom there was no reaction from the crowd, unlike when Valdez landed punches,” he admitted.

Robson and his team strongly disagree with the favorable result for the Mexican, who was badly injured after the fight. Even the Bahia boxer’s manager filed a formal complaint with the WBC (read here), and one of the arguments is the points given by Blea. The other judges gave 115 to 112 for Valdez. His staff also accuses ESPN American, which broadcast the fight, of partiality, for having only displayed the blows applied by the Mexican in the replays.

Despite admitting the error in the score, Blea still understands that Valdez beat Robson. For him, the correct thing would be to have given 115 to 112 or 114 to 113 to the Mexican, who defended the belt.

The Bahian’s staff does not expect the belt to be changed hands after the complaint. The idea is to guarantee a rematch or that Robson Conceição is raised to the first place in the ranking, which would force a new fight against Oscar Valdez. It is worth remembering that the Mexican had tested positive for a prohibited substance, but was not suspended for doping and even so the fight took place.