Bárbara Borges vents about the fight against alcoholism: “I have relapses”

Bárbara Borges opened her heart about her fight against alcoholism, participating in the podcast Novela das 9. The actress, who is the mother of Martin and Téo, spoke about the subject for the first time in 2019, when she had already been drinking for four months alcoholic. Currently, she still considers herself in the process of healing.

“I started to observe the exaggerations and abuse that I was living and that were bringing a lot of anguish and suffering. And I couldn’t get out of this pattern, this cycle of always suffering and going back to doing what I saw that brought me suffering. So my relationship with alcohol was transformed in this way”, he said.

“Before, it was just drinking and feeling good, as everyone drinks, plays and socializes. However, during motherhood, and I was going through a very difficult time in my marriage, I began to notice that I had some abuse. Then I made a post saying that I was putting aside my exaggerated relationship with alcohol”, reported the 42-year-old artist.

She explained that she decided to speak openly about the topic to raise an alert. However, I did not expect such repercussions. “I wanted to make an alert for people to think about what brought them anguish. But the moment we post it, we lose control of how it will reverberate. And, in fact, the repercussion was much greater than I had imagined, and then I started to receive people who were also living something similar and said: ‘I’m glad you talked about it, it gave me the strength to stop too.’ Barbara also opened her heart about what may have led to her alcohol addiction. “I come from abusive relationships. I had childhood abuse… So it’s a wave, it’s like a snowball and only therapy has brought me clarity about everything.”

She still considers herself in the process of healing. “I’m saving myself, but I have relapses. I’m in process, living. And today, I found out that the relationship I was living in before was toxic in general, I needed to get out of it. It was also being toxic to me. So, thanks to a lot of therapy and my work with spirituality, I feel free to say that I’m not here to save anyone. I can help inspire people to find their way, to seek help. And I go on with my life, with ups and downs.”