Biel is thrown out of a fancy restaurant in São Paulo and feels humiliated; know · TV news

Biel said he suffered an unpleasant episode this Monday night (13). The singer stated that he was expelled from the Terraço Itália restaurant, in São Paulo. He had taken his girlfriend, Tays Reis, for a romantic dinner and was asked to leave after taking off his blazer and staying only in a tank top. “I’ve never been so humiliated in my life,” he said. The establishment, in turn, accused the singer of having been “inelegant” with the employees.

The funkeiro reported what happened in Stories on his Instagram. According to him, the manager of the establishment approached him and said that he should put back his blazer, which he took off when he felt hot, or else he would be asked to leave the sophisticated restaurant.

“There was a woman in a strap dress showing a lot more skin than me. But he [gerente] he said that with me it was different. Why? Because of the tattoo? Why do I have both arms closed? What’s the difference?”, the singer rebelled, accusing the restaurant of prejudice.

“Want to talk about fine sports?” he asked, showing off his look. Biel was wearing sneakers, black dress pants and a white tank top and blazer. “I can’t show my skin, but look how they market the restaurant,” he said, showing an image of a woman in a strapless dress that falls on the establishment’s social media.

“There, Gabriel can’t show his arms, since he came in with a blazer”, defended Tays. “Let’s go, let’s eat a BK [Burguer King], go”, he finished, still disgusted.

Biel and Tays started their relationship in A Fazenda 12, where they met. The romance extended beyond the reality show and came to a brief end in May of this year. The two resumed dating a few weeks later and exchanged love statements on social media.

The property’s website makes it clear that the location is sophisticated, and the dress code requirement is sent to customers who confirm the reservation. O TV news he got in touch with the Italy Terrace, which lamented what had happened to Biel.

“Singer Biel did not meet the necessary requirements to stay at the Itália Terrace. Our team politely asked the client to wear the blazer, as only the regatta does not meet the requirements for everyone who wants to have an experience at the place”, informed Alberto Cestrone , manager of the restaurant.

“He refused, acting in an inelegant way with our employees. And he was not expelled, he left of his own volition”, concluded the representative of the place.

Check out Biel’s report below: