Bolsonaro edits MP that anticipates direct sales of ethanol between producers and service stations – Economy

consumer power
Consumers can check the pump with the trade name of their fuel supplier to the service station (photo: Fernando Frazo/Agncia Brasil)

President Jair Bolsonaro edited a Provisional Measure on the evening of Monday, 13, which anticipates the direct sale in ethanol in between producers and posts of fuels, dispensing with the intermediation of distributors. The text also makes the “flag guardianship” flexible, obeying the commercial trademark posts of a distributor, and was published together with a regulatory decree. The two points were introduced in another MP published in August. To the flexibility of guardianship flag to be valid, the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) must regulate the application of the new standard within 90 days. “It is essential that there is regulation of the matter, above all to ensure adequate and clear information to consumers about the origin of the products sold”, says the General Secretariat of the Presidency in a note.

Until then, the presidential decree obliges stations to display the CNPJ in each metering pump and also the supplier’s trade name or corporate name. “In addition, the dealer price panel, in the identification of the fuel, must display the fantasy name of your supplier,” explains the government.

The direct sale of ethanol also has a caveat: to be adopted immediately, interested parties must submit to the new tax regime foreseen in the MP of August.