Bolsonaro launches R$100 million credit for police to buy a house | Economy

Government to announce housing program for public security professionals
Photo: Publicity/Government of São Paulo

Government to announce housing program for public security professionals

President Jair Bolsonaro will launch this Monday (13th) the National Program to Support the Acquisition of Housing for Public Security Professionals, Habite Seguro, in a ceremony at the Palácio do Planalto. The idea is to open a credit of R$ 100 million for police officers looking for their own home.

Under the project, the National Public Security Fund (FNSP) will pay a discount of R$ 12,000 per borrower and free credit to military police, highway officers, firefighters and municipal guards.

The FNSP, linked to the Ministry of Justice, is supplied with funds from the lotteries and will, in principle, have R$ 100 million allocated to the program. Credit will be offered by Caixa.

The goal is to serve professionals with income of up to R$7,000 – in a system similar to the Casa Verde e Amarela program. In this case, interest rates vary between 4.25% and 8.16% per year.

The measure is seen as a nod to the president’s bases, without much support from the economic team. Discounts vary according to income bracket, for example:

  • those who earn up to R$3,000 may receive up to R$12,000 in subsidy;
  • whoever earns between R$3,000 and R$4,000 may receive up to R$10,000 in subsidy;
  • whoever earns between R$4,000 and R$5,000 may receive up to R$8,000 in subsidy; and so on, up to a limit of R$7,000.