Bolsonaro signs MP that anticipates direct sales of ethanol to service stations

President Jair Bolsonaro issued, on Monday (13), a provisional measure that anticipates the permission (created in another MP) for ethanol producers to sell fuel directly to gas stations, without going through distributors.

In practice, these large companies act only as intermediaries in the production chain, increasing the final price for the consumer.

These innovations in the sector’s rules were created by MP 1063, from August of this year, which allows the direct sale of ethanol.

This MP also makes “guardianship to the flag” more flexible, and includes cooperatives for the production or sale of ethanol and creates the model of an ethanol trading company (ECE), which are also authorized to sell ethanol directly to gas stations .

The “guardianship to the flag” is a current rule of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) and prohibits the retail trader from selling fuels that are not distributed by the brand displayed at the gas station. MP 1063 ended this prohibition, but granted 90 days for the ANP to regulate the application of the new rules.

The Planalto Palace assessed, however, that the benefits of this new system should be applied more quickly and that is why, according to the General Secretariat, it issued a new MP.

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