Brasileirão designs chaotic calendar, mainly for Flamengo and Galo – 14/09/2021

The Brazilian football calendar in the last months of 2021 must be chaotic. Clubs like Flamengo and Atlético-MG, if they advance to the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil and the Libertadores single final, may have to play every 48 hours to fulfill the Brasileirão schedule. The CBF should also not be able to postpone matches for teams that have athletes called up for the FIFA-dates of October and November, as it did in September.

That’s why there is a possibility that coach Tite will spare some “national” players in the next lists of the Brazilian team — the one for the October qualifiers will be out on Friday (17). The limit of an athlete called up by a club can be imposed, which would imply mainly in Flamengo, which has had Everton Ribeiro and Gabigol always called. This, of course, does not apply to teams from other countries, over which the CBF has no control.

This may be facilitated by the agreement made with European clubs, especially the English, who will release their players without restriction for the October FIFA date, as opposed to September, when they vetoed athletes from traveling on the grounds that restrictions on entry and exit of countries for cause of the pandemic got in the way. Tite will therefore have maximum strength. In September, with shortages, the coach called athletes who play in seven clubs in Brazil, three of them with more than one on the list (Flamengo, Atlético-MG and São Paulo).

In October, with the FIFA-date also extended to 11 days (4-14) for three matches, there will be three Serie A rounds coinciding in the period. The CBF would have to do magic to postpone games because it has no place to fit them until December 5th, the date of the last round of the Brasileirão.

Flamengo, for example, already has three games less in the Brazilian Nationals, postponed in the first round because of calls. In the current calendar, there is only one free half-week, on November 3, in which the CBF is even studying how to fit in two matches for the Rio club to minimize the delay. But if they postpone more commitments in October and November, even if the time between clashes is reduced, it won’t do for Flamengo to arrive on December 5th with 37 matches played.

If they advance to the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil, and then to the single final of the Libertadores, Flamengo and Atlético-MG will have all weekends and weekends occupied until December 5th, with the exception of November 3rd.

The CBF has already postponed to the athletes’ vacation period, on December 8th and 12th, the finals of the Copa do Brasil, previously scheduled for the end of October. The Libertadores single final will be on November 27, a Saturday, which also implies the postponement of games for the 36th round of Serie A by the Brazilians who are there. The situation for Palmeiras is calmer regarding the replacement of matches because they are already eliminated from the Copa do Brasil.