Ceará registers fall in vaccination coverage in children under 1 year, points out Health Department | Ceará

Ceara registers fall in vaccination coverage in 1-year-old children or newborns. According to the State Health Department (Sesa), only 58.8% of this population profile was vaccinated against tuberculosis (BCG) in 2021. In the previous year, in 2020, the state registered 64.9% of those vaccinated and 99.2% in 2019.

In addition, according to Sesa, immunization against meningitis and flu syndromes, such as menigococcal C, pentavalent, pneumococcal, polio and MMR, were also below expectations by the Ministry of Health, which stipulates vaccination coverage of at least 90%.

Vaccines included in the federal agency’s immunization calendar are available at health posts in all municipalities in Ceará.

Vaccination coverage in Ceará

Vaccination coverage in Ceará — Photo: Health Department/Disclosure

Vaccination coverage is understood as the proportion of children under one year of age who received the complete vaccination schedule in relation to children under 1 year old in the population. The data are from the Information System of the National Immunization Program.

The advisor of the Sesa Immunization Cell, Kelvia Borges, warns of what she calls worrying rates.

“The protection initiated in newborns and children is for life. Vaccination is the best way to invest in health. In addition to being safe, it stimulates the immune system to protect us against diseases. We have one of the most complete vaccination programs and for free,” he says.

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