Chico Buarque sues Eduardo Leite and asks for compensation of R$ 40 thousand; understand

Cantor filed the lawsuit against the governor of RS after having his image aired in an advertising video

Reproduction/Instagram/chicobuarque/eduarleite45/13.09.2021Chico Buarque is filing a lawsuit against Governor Eduardo Leite

The singer Chico Buarque is filing a lawsuit against the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), for using his image in a video that was posted on social media to celebrate September 7, Brazil’s Independence Day. The information was confirmed by Chico’s press office and, in the action, in which the Young pan had access, the singer’s defense emphasized that his image was used without authorization in the advertising campaign and, in addition to the removal of the video from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, a compensation of R$ 40 thousand per moral damages. In the video in question (watch below), the politician begins by saying: “No one is going to steal the colors of Brazil. This green and yellow that is here is not mine, it is not from Bolsonaro, it’s not from squid, the green and yellow is from our Brazil”. In the part where the singer appears, Eduardo says: “It’s enough to see in Chico Buarque and Sergio Reis two musical beauties and not just two political choices. Just remember that we, like them, are all Brazilians”.

In the process, Chico’s defense claimed he was always “very liked and respected by everyone, even by those who are against his political and ideological stance, which he never gave up” and who “keeps frank and polite dialogues, especially with who differs from him”, however he “did not and would never authorize the use of any work or image of his authorship to advertise”, as this goes against the “values ​​and principles that are part of his personality”. According to the action, the moral damage was requested, as Eduardo’s speech in the video suggests that the singer joins the governor’s campaign. “This fact left the Author deeply indignant and sad, as he does not agree that his art should be used for this purpose.” THE Young pan he tried to contact Eduardo Leite’s advisors, but he still hasn’t got a return.