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Atlético-MG already had the pleasure of playing with the support of the fans at the stadium. In the duel against River Plate, for the Copa Libertadores, the alvinegro had just over 17 thousand people in Gigante da Pampulha. Now, Galo is waiting for two different situations to know when it will have the public: publication of the ordinance by the Municipality of Belo Horizonte and Flamengo’s decision to break or not the agreement of the clubs in the Serie A games.

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Everson; Atlético-MG x River Plate — Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético

Despite confirmation by Mayor Alexandre Kalil, just under a week ago, that 30% of the stadium may be occupied, the ordinance that regularizes this situation has not yet been published.

According to physician Carlos Starling, one of the members of the Committee to Combat Covid-19 of Belo Horizonte, the standardization should come out in the next few days, since the last adjustments with the clubs regarding the new sanitary protocol are still being made.

Among these new measures are: closing gates before the start of the match, sale of alcoholic beverages only inside the Mineirão and permission to access around the stadium only for those who have tickets, identification and negative test for Covid carried out 72 hours before the match. date of departure.

Selection talks about crowding in the streets and audience at the stadium in Atlético-MG x River Plate

Selection talks about crowding in the streets and audience at the stadium in Atlético-MG x River Plate

But even if the ordinance had already been published, Galo would not have the supporters in Wednesday’s game, against Fluminense, for the Copa do Brasil. That’s because the clubs (Except for Flamengo, which should make the match against Grêmio public) they agreed that there would only be fans if there was clearance for the round-trip games. Galo beat Fluminense by 2-1, in the empty Nilton Santos.

After the duel for the Copa do Brasil, the athletic challenge will be for Brasileirão, against Sport, also at Mineirão. At first the game will also have no fans present. Despite having an injunction issued by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) that allows the presence, Atlético follows the line of respecting the agreement made between the clubs that dispute the Serie A and return with the public only in the 23rd round, scheduled for the beginning of October.

The situation could change if Flamengo, which also has an injunction, decides to have the presence of an audience. The Rio de Janeiro club is studying having the fans this Sunday, against Grêmio, by Brasileirão. If the club fails to comply with the agreement, Sérgio Coelho, president of Galo, stated that the club will follow the same path (see video below).

– If Flamengo uses this right, we will also use it for isonomy in the competition. Atlético fulfills its obligations, respects what is decided, but it will not let a club benefit. We hope that Flamengo will accompany us so that we do not use the injunction. We hope that Flamengo does not do this and respect what was agreed – he said.

President of the Rooster on games with fans: "If Flamengo plays, Atlético will play too"

President of Galo on games with fans: “If Flamengo plays, Atlético will play too”

Atlético hopes to have fans for a decisive duel in Libertadores

If the situation with Flamengo remains undefined, the intention of the Atletico board is to count on the presence of the fans in the duel against Palmeiras, in two weeks’ time (September 28), in the return game of the Libertadores semifinal.

– It is very important for Atlético that the fans return. Fanless football is terrible and the fans need to be there, but they need to do their part. It is necessary that the fans comply with everything that is established in the protocol – he said.

The game against River Plate was considered a test event for the return of the public to the stadiums and, in the assessment of the City Hall, it was not approved. Alexandre Kalil even stated that, along the same lines, the event would not happen again.

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG — Photo: Disclosure