Corinthians lends little-used striker Sylvinho to São Bernardo


Timão is coming off two draws in the Brazilian Championship, against Juventude and Atlético-GO, and is in sixth place on the leaderboard.


Sylvinho, Corinthians coach (Photo: Getty Images)

After being the club that strengthened the best in the transfer window, if we just look at the quality leap of the squad, the Corinthians lent a boy from the base who had opportunities with Vágner Mancini, at the beginning of the São Paulo Championship, but lost ground over time. It is the 18-year-old striker Rodrigo Varanda.

The information was provided by reporters Aline Dias, Leonardo Ferreira and Ludmilla Florencio, from the website of the TV station TNT Sports. Promoted to professional at the beginning of this season, Varanda soon showed what he came for, swinging the nets in a derby against Palmeiras, in which the rival was saving the team for the final of the Copa do Brasil.

However, over time, the boy lost space in the team, especially with the rise of other important names in the youth categories, such as Adson and Gabriel Pereira. Of the 10 matches in which he played with the Corinthians shirt, in nine he was a starter, precisely at Paulistão, for which the club did not strengthen.

Varanda will play for São Bernardo, which is playing in the Copa Paulista. The contract runs until the end of the Campeonato Paulista, and Corinthians’ goal is to keep him playing in Brazilian football, so that he can gain value when he returns to Parque São Jorge. The striker was even speculated at RB Bragantino, but the deal did not advance.

The last match in which Varanda took the field was on April 25, in a 2-0 victory over Santos, when the coach was still Vágner Mancini. He came on 36 minutes into the second half, replacing Roni, and did little in the game.