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A day after Cristiano Ronaldo signed with Manchester United, making his return to the club, he scored two goals for Portugal, in the recent victory over Ireland, showing all his physical and technical exuberance.

Nor did he have time for any criticism, which was already insinuated, about his physical condition, because of the 36 years that, in common situations, usually point to the end of his career.

It was enough, in the last move of the game, for him to score the second Portuguese goal, showing that impressive impulsion, which made him rise over the defenders and head with precision. At the celebration, the news was that, before taking the leap and turning back, pulling his arms down, he took off his shirt. And it gave the world the opportunity to see how in great shape he is, in the perfect design of his muscles.

Such characteristics are the result of the player’s effort to keep him in optimal physical condition. It is based on three concepts: training, rest and nutrition. In the latter, he discovered a formula so healthy that it even served as a model for his new teammates at the English club, as told by the team’s reserve goalkeeper, Lee Grant, in an interview on British radio talkSPORT.

“Usually on Friday night, when we finish dinner, we usually have a slice of apple crumble or a brownie with whipped cream or something. I tell you, no players have touched the apple crumble or anything (laughs) No player got up to get a piece of brownie. We were sitting and one of the guys asked me ‘What is Cristiano on his plate?’ We were eating and, of course, he had the healthiest dish you can imagine. I broke up laughing, because not a single player dared get up and eat those goodies that were scattered on the table”, revealed the goalkeeper, about the role of “nutritionist” exercised by the new partner.

Cristiano Ronaldo has become a reference when it comes to food. The rigidity of their diet, however, is not related to food shortages. And yes in choosing the healthier ones, in an abundant amount, but without exaggeration.

When analyzing the star’s diet, nutritionist Tatiana Amalfi revealed last week to the Lance newspaper that Cristiano Ronaldo opted for the “Mediterranean Diet”, accessible and healthy for the population in general and not just for superathletes.

In it, there is the ingestion of the so-called good fats, such as coconut oil, olive oil and oilseeds, in addition to adequate proteins, present in white meat, for example. The combination of all this can combine the taste and pleasure of eating with concepts related to health and quality of life. No industrialized or embedded products.

“The Mediterranean diet is a diet that prioritizes fresh foods, olive oil (rich in good fat), fruits, vegetables, vegetables, white meat (mainly fish), dairy products (milk and cheese) and oilseeds (chestnuts, nuts) . Although the diet does not include the consumption of processed foods and sausages, this lifestyle is not limiting and can and should be adopted by everyone”, explained the nutritionist.

For the nutritionist, the solution is simple and combines very well with a training routine, both for athletes and for people who practice sports just to keep their health up to date.

After adopting this type of diet, Cristiano Ronaldo achieved the feat of jumping 78cm while still, which makes him resemble a tower rising, when he climbs headlong with his 1m87 height and 84 kg.

“We need to think that exercise is essential. Even if it’s only half an hour a day, it’s necessary to combine exercise with food. We also need to exclude all foods rich in trans fat, such as cookies and crackers. that’s it, we need to discard: it is necessary to unpack less, and peel more,” he added.

In the Sunday Mirror, chef Giorgio Barone, who worked with the ace when Cristiano worked for Juventus, between 2018 and 2021, also highlighted that the ace’s diet is based on simplicity. The same one that makes players, on the field, find the most complex solutions.

“There are no expensive foods in his diet, but there are healthy foods, organic and natural foods: fish, chicken, beef, eggs, avocado and black rice. You have to take care of your body as if you were taking care of a Ferrari”, he said .

All this discipline off the field leads Cristiano Ronaldo to have an impressive regularity in games. Always in high yield. But he, after all, is not made of iron.

Sometimes Cristiano Ronaldo overflows with his impulsive temper. In Portugal’s goal, he took off his shirt in ecstasy and, for this reason, was booked in the 97th minute. One more pepper in this recipe for success. It is true that the Slovenian referee Matej Jug fulfilled his obligation and used the ingredients of the rule. But deep down, satisfied, he wanted to applaud.

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