Cristina Mortágua asks for money to pay for treatment: ‘They sent for the SUS’ | Fabia Oliveira

Cristina Mortágua asks for money to pay for medical treatment

Cristina Mortágua asks for money to pay for medical treatment

Cristina Mortágua got sick last weekend and after an emergency consultation. Doctors ordered a series of tests. Already diagnosed with depressive disorders and menopause, the actress revealed that she has no money and decided to ask her followers for financial help in order to pay for the treatments. This Monday (13), Cristina was much criticized and, in an exclusive conversation with the column, she ventled that she had sold almost all her belongings and that she lives in one of her mother’s apartments.

“I’m out of money and I even asked for help because it’s a case of illness. They sent me to the SUS and I deleted the posts. I’ll survive the pain any way God wants. There are people who only value money or after the person dies,” says Cristina, who accuses her mother of not helping her. “She even says she’s losing money to me on one of her properties.”

The presenter also revealed that due to the one-week bed rest recommended by doctors, she took the opportunity to finish the book she intends to release soon. “I’m going to talk about toxic and abusive relationships. I just published a true story on my social networks, which is in this publication. I tell about a relationship I had with a man at the time my son, Alexandre, was six years old and that was in the early 2000s. Today, this guy is a politician and preaches morality and good customs. Ah… and he still uses religion to promote himself,” says Cristina.