Cruzeiro would not be in the G4, not counting only the unbeaten period

(Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro)
In a sprint with coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo, the cruise has ten games invincibility in the series B, with six draws and four wins. However, even with this period of celestial success on the field, the team would not be in the G4 of the competition. This shows the size of the challenge the team has to gain elite access to Brazilian football.

In the last ten rounds, the Botafogo they have the best campaign in the Second Division, with 25 points – eight wins, one draw and one defeat (83.3% success rate). In the general classification, the team from Rio has recovered and is in third place in the competition, with 41 points.

Second place in this period was the Coritiba. Paran’s team won 19 of the last 30 possible points, with six wins, one draw and three defeats (63.3% success rate). The score could be higher, but we didn’t take into account the draw with Brusque (1 to 1), a game late in the fourth round. The Thigh leads Serie B with 45 points.

CRB and goals, third and fourth placed considering the last ten rounds, also got 19 points. Overall, the team from Alagoas is fourth, with 40, and Goiás the second, with 42.

The Football Probabilities website, updated by the Department of Mathematics, projects that a team that reaches 62 points has a 91.4% chance of moving up. To reach this score, Fox needs 33 points in 15 rounds – 11 wins until the end of the competition. Thus, only an almost perfect campaign could take Cruzeiro back to the elite of Brazilian football in 2022.

Ranking of the last ten rounds of Series B