Dedé Santana reports career difficulties: “Passing hunger”

Dedé Santana revealed the difficulties he had at the beginning of his career as an artist. In an interview for the YouTube channel Cortes do Flow, the comedian told how he started working as an actor, as soon as he decided to live in Rio de Janeiro. According to Dedé, he arrived in Rio de Janeiro with little money, which soon ended. The artist even slept on the beach, until he met a theater employee who helped him a lot.

“I thought I had a lot of money, but I ran out of money. Then I started sleeping on the beach, drinking coffee and stuff. Then I made friends with a guy who cleaned at the theater and there I told my story. I started to help him and he shares the food with me. That’s when I asked to sleep in the theater,” said Dedé.

“Then he went to introduce me to the staff and I started delivering coffee, I became the office boy. One day the main actor was missing and I said I was playing that role… Then I didn’t stop, but it was difficult. I was starving. I was having coffee with unbuttered bread,” he said.


In July, the comedian received authorization from the Federal Government to raise R$ 1.2 million through the Rouanet Law. The comedian’s project is a traveling circus that mixes cinema, theater and performance by clowns throughout the interior of São Paulo.

The permission to raise the funds was approved by former military policeman André Porciúncula Esteves, who is currently in charge of the National Secretariat for the Promotion and Incentive of Culture. The former member of Os Trapalhões asked to get around R$953 thousand and can now raise R$246.7 thousand more than the original order, as revealed in Veja magazine’s Radar column.

Dedé Santana and his pocketbook

Dedé Santana has never hidden that he is a supporter of Jair Bolsonaro. In October 2018, the comedian visited the then-candidate and called him a “savior” and a “myth”, making it clear that he would vote for him. The comedian Paulo Cintura, a great defender of the president, was also present at the meeting.

In January of last year, Dedé participated in an event at the Palácio do Planalto with country singers. On the occasion, the artist explained that he went to the president to talk about the situation of small Brazilian circuses. In May, the former Trapalhões filed the project for evaluation by the federal culture team.