Disease that killed a child manifests itself 3 weeks after contact

The Municipal Health Department of Corumbá confirmed this Monday (13) that the disease that caused the death of a 6-year-old girl occurs silently and manifests itself only three to four weeks after contact with the SARS-CoV virus -2, which causes the new coronavirus.

The public manifestation of the City of Corumbá occurred because it was being discussed that what caused the child’s death was another disease other than covid-19.

The child’s death report indicated that the death occurred after complications caused by Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (P-SIM).

“The disease is associated with the coronavirus, with late manifestations after infection, which usually appears three to four weeks after contact with the virus, and the child may or may not have had respiratory symptoms of Covid-19”, detailed the Municipal Health Department from Corumba, in a note.

The child did not manifest common symptoms attributed to covid-19. She was attending class normally at the Izabel Correa de Oliveira Municipal School until the 25th of August.

On the 26th, the girl got sick and her parents took her to the Municipal Emergency Room, located in Santa Casa de Corumbá. The rapid test was negative for covid-19. At the time, the girl had vomiting, fever, sore throat and had convulsions.

She remained hospitalized at Santa Casa de Corumbá, but as the condition worsened, she was transferred to the Regional Hospital, in Campo Grande. When he was still in the capital of the Pantanal, material was collected and sent to the Central Laboratory (Lacen).

The RT-PCR result for the SARS-CoV-2 virus was positive on August 30, according to the Municipal Health Department.

The girl was transferred to Campo Grande to continue treatment on August 29, three days after being hospitalized. She died this Saturday (11) and was the first child foul victim of Covid-19 that Corumbá recorded since the beginning of the pandemic in the city, in April 2020.

The school where the student was enrolled is traditional in the city and is located in the Popular Nova neighborhood. The teaching unit has enrolled more than 1,000 students and has been part of the teaching network since 1973.

The Izabel Correa de Oliveira Municipal School has classrooms from pre-school to 9th grade, in addition to Youth and Adult Education (EJA). It works in the three periods with 57 professors, 17 administrative employees, five pedagogical coordinators, a principal and a deputy principal.

The Municipal Department of Education announced that it continues to follow the biosafety protocols elaborated jointly with the Municipal Committee for the Gradual Return of Classrooms in the Municipality of Corumbá (CRGAP).

According to the school administration, the student did not present any symptoms until the last day that she attended classes in person and therefore there was no previous alert. After diagnosis, classes were not stopped.

“The Municipal Department of Education was also advised to reinforce with students, parents and guardians of the Municipal Education Network (REME) on the importance of vaccination from 12 years of age and of testing in suspected cases with flu-like symptoms in Basic Health Units”, disclosed the Department of Education in an official note issued in the early afternoon of this Monday (13).

Mayor Marcelo Iunes (We Can) also issued a statement on Monday to lament the child’s death and to ask that the population that is able to be vaccinated, look for a health unit. “We deeply regret the death of this child, I sympathize with parents, family and friends.

I appeal to the entire population of Corumba: the Ministry of Health is not yet authorized to vaccinate children under 12 years of age, but there are many people who should have been immunized and have not yet been immunized”, said the mayor.

According to the City of Corumbá, 2,921 people who can receive the booster dose in the city have not yet sought immunization. This audience represents seniors over 60 years who have been vaccinated for at least five months.

Since the city’s pandemic began in April 2020, 464 people have died from complications attributed to covid-19. There are 15,535 residents who have been diagnosed with the disease since the beginning of the pandemic.

Currently, records are low and the report this Sunday (12) indicates that one person tested positive on September 9th. This was the last day with a confirmed case.

The Municipal Union of Education Workers of Corumbá (Simted-Corumbá) reported on Monday (13) that municipal schools are not yet fully capable of operating with biosafety procedures.

“Simted took a stand against face-to-face return, as we know that public schools, especially municipal ones, are unable to comply with biosafety protocols. There are reports that schools do not have enough cleaning staff, cleaning materials, or resources. There were no structural adjustments in the schools”, criticized the president of the union, Gabriel Omar.

SIM-P monitoring

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) has been monitoring cases of Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (P-SIM) since September 2020. In Europe, during the peak of covid-19, this disease was registered from April and attributed to the new coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health had even published a warning about SIM-P on May 20 and identified cases in the country since then.

Since July 24, the syndrome has been monitored, with mandatory information to be sent to the Ministry of Health using a standardized form.

“The implementation of notification is justified since the risk factors, pathogenesis, clinical spectrum, prognosis and epidemiology of SIM-P are poorly known and because it is an emerging disease potentially associated with COVID-19”, informed the Ministry of Health at the time.

According to Fiocruz, SIM-P has different symptoms, such as persistent fever accompanied by a set of symptoms that may include gastrointestinal, with abdominal pain, conjunctivitis, exanthema (skin rash), skin rash, edema of the extremities, hypotension, among others. There are no respiratory symptoms in all cases.

“There is a significant increase in inflammatory markers and the clinical picture can progress to shock and coagulopathy. Although its clinical picture is very similar to complete or incomplete Kawasaki syndrome, SIM-P usually occurs in older children, with evident changes in inflammatory markers and significant cardiac dysfunction. Most of the reported cases are accompanied by laboratory tests that indicate infection by SARS-CoV-2 or a link with people sick with covid-19”, detailed Fiocruz, in a note published on its website.