Doctor explains how to keep skin as young as pop star Avril Lavigne

Whenever she appears in the spotlight, singer Avril Lavigne draws attention for her joviality. That’s because, about to turn 37, the artist doesn’t look — at least visibly — as old as she is, and has pretty much the same look as she did 20 years ago.

The reputation of “not getting old”, even gave rise to conspiracy theories – that the singer would have died and been replaced by a younger look-alike. But, the fact is, the style remains and the performer maintains a complexion with virtually no signs of aging.


To unveil the secrets of the artist’s skin, point out possible procedures and teach tips to conquer the complexion illuminated for several years, the metropolises appointed physician specialist in dermatology Marcelle Castro, owner and technical manager of the Harmonittà clinic.

“Part of this effect certainly comes from genetics, but porcelain skin doesn’t exist”, emphasizes the professional. “However, we can observe signs of filling in regions of the face, changing the angle of the face from an acute angle (long) to a more square shape”, he adds.

Lush skin is probably the result of procedures with collagen, as noted by the dermatologist. “Although it is quite complex to carry out an analysis based on photos due to possible imaging and makeup treatments, this healthy and fresh look on the skin is the result of collagen biostimulators and an Ultraformer, for example”, he suggests.

subtle changes

From the age of 25 onwards, collagen production decreases, also limiting the proliferative capacity of fibroblasts, which accelerates the skin’s aging process. Genetics is a major factor in the equation, but it is not the only determinant. It corresponds to only 40% of the elasticity of the dermis. The other 60% are related to lifestyle and environment.

“At the age of 28, a process of fat loss begins in the region of the eyes and below the lip, which makes the face thinner”, explains Marcelle. In the opposite direction to this process, the artist invested in fillings with hyaluronic acid to bring a sense of squareness — which also has to do with the current standard of beauty, in the era of facial harmonization.

Naturalness also resides in subtlety. “Although she doesn’t seem to have changed anything over the years, if you look closely, you can see changes in the shape of her face,” she says. The trick is in the lightness of the procedures, which are probably small, but continuous.

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