Dog returns home by motorcycle-taxi alone after the owner forgets him in the market; video

In June, Yosi Sheyla Apfata, who lives in the city of Ica, Peru, shared on her social networks the outcome of a story that could have had a sad ending, but luckily, it had a hilarious one.

Yosi’s sister had left with the puppy to go to the market, however, on the way back, she got lost from the furry, returning home alone.

The young woman’s mother, indignant with the situation, began to reprimand her, but behold, the doorbell rings and guess what? It was the furry one arriving by motorcycle taxi.

The driver was an acquaintance of the family who recognized him wandering the street, and soon tried to rescue him and take him home safely. And the relieved and grateful young woman paid for the lord’s race.

The scene was captured by Yosi, who was at the second floor window of the residence watching the furry jump from the car with its tail wagging, happy to see the owner and the same returning the favor of the driver.

The publication garnered over 1.6 million views, 82,000 reactions and hundreds of free-form comments.

“This man is an angel,” commented one.

“M├írcia, you lost me, now you pay and tip for the good treatment,” imagined another.

“What a lack of respect, forgetting the most important thing,” joked another.

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Fortunately this man recognized the puppy and returned him to his family. And here is the tip to keep the pet on a leash so as not to run away; don’t leave it alone waiting outside an establishment and keep it with a nameplate.

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