Domingão with Luciano Huck keeps Globo’s audience high

Luciano Huck
Luciano Huck at Domingão studio shown yesterday (12); Globo’s audience continues to rise after the presenter changes to that day of the week (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

THE Globe, it seems, he got it right when he climbed Luciano Huck to Sunday. Yesterday (12), the program repeated the performance of its debut last week (5), according to audience data obtained in Greater São Paulo. The presenter continued with the bet on the pictures Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Show of the Famous; Huck, however, organized the script for the attraction.

On air from 6:05 pm to 8:30 pm, Domingão com Huck recorded 18.5 points, 21.7 peak and 31.2% share in the number of televisions turned on (share). On the same track, 5.4 for SBT and 5.2 for Record. In addition to the paintings mentioned above – the ‘Show’ featured Angelica on the jury – Luciano presented the inspiring stories he cherishes, in the final third of the program.

Before Luciano Huck, Palmeiras x Flamengo for the Brazilian Championship scored an average of 20.9. Afterwards, the Fantástico by Poliana Abritta and Tadeu Schmidt secured 20.2 points. The end of the night featured 9.6 for Man Down – O Terror da Guerra (2015) in Domingo Maior, 6 with Noé (2014) at Cinemaço, 4.4 for Tungsten (2018) in Corujão and 4.8 for Hora Um .

In the morning, the highlight was Globo Rural: 10.3 points. The countryman’s news was shown after Holy Mass (5), Antena Paulista (6.6) and Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios (7.9). In the sequence, 8.7 with Auto Esporte and only 7.5 with Esporte Espetacular.

Sunday on Globo also featured the 9.7 of Goosebumps – Monsters and Spooks (2015) at Maximum Temperature. The Voice Kids, which is heading towards the final stretch, consolidated an average of 12.5. Márcio Garcia responded for the reality show.

Duh dry

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