Enderson Moreira highlights Freeland and explains the quick reaction in Botafogo: ‘Surprising even for me’

Enderson Moreira took the Botafogo in the 14th position of the Serie B and, 11 games later, won nine and took him to third place. Magic? None of that. The coach repeats that he found a very good atmosphere when he arrived at Glorioso and highlighted the work of the football director Edward Freeland in particular, during an interview with the program “Bem, Amigos!”, on SporTV, this Monday night.

There is no magic in it. I was very surprised with the organization of Botafogo. I had a very different idea, that, given the financial situation, we would see a club without the slightest condition to offer the possibility of doing a good job. On the contrary, Botafogo was extremely organized. It’s a club that knows a lot what it wants, the president, the vice president, the CEO… I want to praise Eduardo Freeland, who managed to leave a very favorable environment even with the team in 14th Enderson emphasized.

– I have to praise the athletes, who very quickly embraced the coaching staff and our ideas. I understand the desire of this group to perform in the field what we went through in training and lectures. It has been a great satisfaction to see some of the work being carried out with the awareness that we are still in the middle of a journey. We need to keep our feet on the ground and keep working hard. Getting to the G-4 is very difficult, if you keep it even more difficult. There is a lot to be able to improve – observed.

The devastating start at Botafogo surprised even him.

– I have some ideas that sometimes deviate from the conventional, I have a way of playing that needs athletes who have a very good ability to understand the game. And we found this. Freeland, together with Chamusca, managed to assemble a team, together with the entire committee, in which there were great players and a very fertile ground for my ideas. The acceptance of my work was so fast that things happened at such a speed surprising even for me. I’ve been at the club for nearly 50 days and it seems like I’ve been in the club for six months – said the coach.